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China Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu Survey™

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Welcome to China's Hakka Praying Mantis Kungfu eSource

The China Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu Survey™

A ten year ongoing research project!  Living in China continuously, since 2002 (and 26 years before that in Hawaii, Korea, Japan and Taiwan), in the last ten years, I've travelled three corners of China, visited China's four Southern Praying Mantis Temples, and befriended dozens of China's Southern Mantis elders and teachers sharing stories and skills.  Kwongsai Jook Lum, Chu Gar Mantis and Iron Ox. 

Preview this Wong Fei Hong Jook Lum Temple Movie Now!

And I've yet to release the bulk of the research!  I have hundreds of hours of video and film from 1950 onward never before released!  All three branches of Som Dot's Hakka Mantis!  Join me now and continue sharing my Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu experience in China!   (Who am I?)

Want to know the origins and history of Southern Mantis in China?  Want to learn complete step by step South Mantis Boxing?   Want to meet and hear exactly what the living elders of Southern Mantis in China have to say today?  And what the Ancestors transmitted to them? 

How about watching the complete 1954 b/w classic Hong Kong movie of Wong Fei Hong and Southern Mantis Jook Lum Temple? (on the right)  Or watching China and Hong Kong Southern Mantis Celebrations and Events for the last sixty years on your PC at your convenience? 

How about checking our Daily Youtube Feed updated minute by minute with ONLY the latest Southern Mantis video clips!  If any of that (and more) interest you, you'll find this site a valuable eSource of Hakka Kwongsai Jook Lum, Chu Gar Gao and Iron Ox Mantis.   It's that simple.  Don't skip a a page!  Just start here and click NEXT at the bottom of each page to scroll the entire site.  Or check the site map above.

Your Correspondence is Welcome!

Get my Southern Mantis teaching in any of my articles, books, eBooks, magazines, videos or DVDs now and if you are not happy with the depth of  the information and knowledge presented, I will promptly return your tuition / payment.  That's more than a Guarantee, that's a promise!  Better yet, come visit me in China and I'll greet you at the airport!

Roger D. Hagood
Pingshan Town
Guangdong, China

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Southern Mantis
Boxing Principles

Warrior Intent - Willpower
Body Posture
Ging - Explosive Force
Fist Methods
Solo Training
Paired Training
Vital Point Training
And More in Each Page Footnotes

Intent - Warrior Spirit

The first principle is intent or will-power. Intent is simply defined as the "warrior spirit." Without it, there is no focus of the body and mind into one purpose. Strike with the soul, and you will never miss. Thought and action are one.

"The heart of the study of boxing is to have natural instinct resemble the dragon." - Wang Xiang Zhai (1885-1963) Dacheng Boxing


Rooting is the skill of developing the force of one thousand pounds in the feet. With it, the stance is as firm as Mt. Tai and not easily moved.

Without rooting, the power of the fist will be stagnated in the chest and one's feet will not be steady allowing him to be easily thrown about.

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