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Brother-Friendship Still Blossoms

Bamboo Temple Association Founder and Uncles!

July, 2011 News Column --

Perhaps this is the last time that these 3 mantis men made a formal picture together and especially on such a formal occasion!   In the rear standing is Ed Sun and it was his wedding day!    Ed is the son of Harry Sibok (right).    Ed lives in the USA midwest with his lovely wife, Shelley and three children; Rebecca, Griffin, and Emily.

In the middle, is founder of the Bamboo Temple Chinese Benevolent Association, circa 1963, and eldest Brother of Lam Sang's personal disciples, Wong Baklim Sibok.   And that is Jesse Eng Sibok on the left.   These three were chief among the first generation of seven people who lived in one apartment with the late Lam Sang Sifu during the mid and late 1950's in New York's Chinatown.   
This and much more upcoming soon in the newly updated Bamboo Temple website - online since 1997!

Instructional DVDs Volumes 10, 12, 13 and 14 -- Now Available

June, 2011 News Column --

Try VOL 1 - 9  first - without a root there cannot be a Branch - without a Branch the tree cannot blossom.

VOL 10: CHISAO.    No tuition required if not useful. Nothing for show, everything for use. You have nothing to lose but your understanding of Southern Praying Mantis.

After VOL 10: CHI SAO all the training is two man combat forms. Single man shadowboxing forms are many but yet to be released.  Function over form is the motto.

VOL 12: Som Bo Gin - Three Step Two Man Set

VOL 13: Second Loose Hands Two Man Set

VOL 14: Louie Sifu 108 Two Man Subset

Volumes 12, 13 and 14 Private by request only.  Request your training and start Now.
Prerequisite VOL 1- 10.  Email for downloads and more information.

Visit our Video Gallery  for Basic, Chi Sao and Two Man Form video clips.

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Kicking / Leg Skill

Feet should become as skillful in attack and defense as the hands, although, some say a kick to the head is like a punch to the foot. Yet, the foot contains several important vital points and is often attacked using the Hakka pole techniques, especially the big toe.  Kicks, sweeps, stomps, and sticky leg training are among the methods employed.

Solo Training

Although, Hakka mantis combat  is only mastered by two man (paired training) the essential skills must be thoroughly trained and made ones own through solo training.  One must individually set a personal schedule and exercise himself daily until the fundamental skills, basics, single man forms, apparatus, and weapons are instinctually understood.

Paired Training

Self Defense requires two man training to be realistic and cannot be learned by shadowboxing alone.  Paired training is numerous from basic conditioning, strengthening, one - three - nine steps, sticky hands, sticky legs, sticky body, to the advanced two man sets and vital point target practice.  "One must borrow another's hand but never hang his meat on their hook" is the Hakka saying.

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