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Berkeley, California, May, 2011 --

After 14 years in training, in 2005, John Brown opened a Bamboo Temple Chinese Benevolent Association Branch in Huntsville, Alabama teaching Kwongsai Jook Lum Temple Praying Mantis. He operated the School until 2010 when he relocated to Berkeley California.  In 2009, he traveled to Pingshan Town, Guangdong, China and Hong Kong to further his training where he received a formal teaching certificate. John is also a formal disciple of Chu Gar Gao Hakka Mantis having made "tea ceremony" to Cheng Wan Sifu in Hong Kong (three pictures below).

John was born in Osan, Korea and his ethnicity is half Korean and native American Indian. He is married to the niece, the lovely Rebecca, of country music superstar Dolly Parton and has a lovely two year old daughter, little Leela.

Everyone Welcome!

Please call to schedule a free Introduction class. No walk-ins please.


John Brown, Sifu

Bamboo Temple Assn.
1640 A University Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94703


Phone: (510) 423 1615

Additional Info:

New Berkeley Bamboo Temple website to launch soon!  Stay tuned for updates.

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Forget Yourself

Follow yourself and you are clumsy and listen to the opponent's drum beat. "Hakka Chu Gar Cheng Wan Mantis Association - Late Sifu Cheng Wan"

Hakka Chu Gar Mantis - Late Sifu Cheng Wan

Sound Your Drum

Follow the opponent and forget yourself and the opponent will dance to the sound of your drum. "Hakka Chu Gar Mantis - Late Sifu Cheng Wan"

Hakka Chu Gar Mantis - Late Sifu Cheng Wan

Without Mistake

Give yourself up to follow others and your hand will accurately weigh their force and your feet will measure the distance of their approach without mistake.

Hakka Chu Gar Mantis - Late Sifu Cheng Wan

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