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China Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu Survey

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Description: 24 Self-Health Qigong Methods to Invigorate the Qi and Stimulate the Whole Body from Head to Toe!
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Oriental Secrets SeriesTM 

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Chi Kung for Better Health
24 Traditional Self-Health Exercises 

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One of the most beneficial programs in the Oriental Series!   Prevention of Disease, Health Maintenance, Cultivation and Circulation of Vital Energy! Oriental Secrets of Better Health!

Opening with the 18 points of posture, this program takes you through a series of "self-health" exercises traditionally used to stimulate the entire body from head to toe which includes the:

  • 24 Self-Health Methods
  • Healing smile
  • Massaging the eyes
  • Circling the sun and moon (eyes)
  • Tapping the teeth
  • Puffing the cheeks
  • Stimulating saliva
  • Massaging the nose and ears
  • Drumming the heavens Oriental Secrets of Better Health!
  • Stroking the scalp
  • Looking  to the four corners
  • Winding a pulley 
  • Massaging the chest
  • Exercising the digits
  • The anus lift
  • Swivel the hips and knees
  • Flex the ankles
  • Opening the palms of the hands
  • Opening the soles of the feet
  • The Heavenly Circulation

  • No metaphysics, just simple, easy to do, drug free effective exercises for  preventing and treating all sorts of disorders.  You can use any of the methods singularly or all 24 in one session.

    This type of Chi Kung is very Oriental Secrets of Better Health!useful for keeping the entire body in working order while cultivating a peaceful mind and heart.  This is an excellent adjunct to other types of qigong and an absolute necessity for anyone who wishes to attain a high level of proficiency in qigong.  Excellent 3D graphics, an "eye candy" background, matching music and lots of camera angles add to the excellent content of this program as well!

    Modern research from around the world indicates that Chi Kung can greatly improve overall health and is effective in curing or alleviating a wide variety of ailments including asthma, allergies, diabetes, hypertension, even paralysis and cancer, among many other unpleasant physical and emotional symptoms.

    Hosted by Dr. Vickie Eng, D.C.   Dr. Eng received a B.A. in Economics from Emory University and graduated Cum Laude from Life Chiropractic College in 1982.  She is a National Board Diplomate.  In her practice she utilizes Applied and Clinical Kinesiology.

    She has lived and practiced in Hong Kong while traveling throughout Asia.Oriental Secrets of Better Health! She has taught for 20 years at TROB Global School, a non-profit Organization whose mission is to assist each individual to find their niche, express their talents and abilities and in so doing, live their dream.  She resides with her husband and daughter in Atlanta, Georgia where she has a private practice.

    Get all the Oriental Secrets Series - traditional alternative routes to maintaining a healthier well being!


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    Hakka Mantis Conditioning

    One may go a lifetime without real combat. Hand to hand is replaced by guns and explosives. Real genuine Iron Body conditioning is not necessary today. Genuine iron training takes years and will damage and debilitate the body. One will not be able to hold a cup in the winter. Moderate conditioning by two man exchange will suffice today's need while developing live power at the same time.

    Hakka Mantis Strengthening

    Natural strength must become refined to produce "ging". Beyond the basic "dui jong two man" sets, all defensive and offensive hands should be strengthened by isometric static and slow isotonic moving exchange among two practitioners. Fish flop (yin yang) and Four Corners are primary. Again, as in conditioning, this serves not only to strengthen but also to produce live power in the hands.

    Hakka Warmups

    In any physical training one should warmup before raising the bodys temperature and blood pressure. And cool down afterwards. It will matter to health in the long term. Warmup exercises are based on the stance, footwork and boxing. Correct conditioning and strengthening exercises as warmups is sufficient. Qigong and Tai Chi may also be employed.

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