Kwongsai Mantis Instruction
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Iron Ox Mantis

A China Five Year Comprehensive Survey
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China Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu Survey

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Screenshot Product ID Description Price
CERTIF_01 Six Tradtional Designs and a Free Bonus - Make Your Own! English and Chinese Characters. Just Click, Print and Give Your Awards Today! 19.99
TTCK9 The Complete Qigong Course - Level One thru Level Nine; 36 Methods of Internal Breath Control and Chi Circulation. 312.00
OSSV1 Ancient Methods to Achieve Vitality! The Most Important Chinese Meditation and the Root of All Martial Art! 19.99
OSSV2 24 Self-Health Qigong Methods to Invigorate the Qi and Stimulate the Whole Body from Head to Toe! 19.99
OSSV3 Real Secrets of Internal Work! 8 Area Concentration is the root of Internal Work in ancient Taoist Chi Kung! 19.99
OSSV4 This Ancient Muscle Tendon Change Qigong has 22 Postures of Tension and Relaxation that will Harmonize the Mind, Body and Breath! 19.99
OSSV5 Learn the Colors, Seasons, Emotions and Sounds that will Heal the Inner Organs! 19.99
BK_HMCK "The Meaning of Nature and Destiny" - Written in the sixteenth century, this ancient seven volume book is a definitive source of ancient qigong and is used to explain meditative breathing techniques. A rare find any where today! 99.00

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