Kwongsai Mantis Instruction
Hakka Chu Gar Mantis
Iron Ox Mantis

A China Five Year Comprehensive Survey
Origins, History, Practices

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China Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu Survey

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eBK01 From China, since 2002, a 9 year ongoing Comprehensive Survey of the Origins, History and Practices of Kwongsai, Chu Gar and Iron Ox Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu in Multimedia eBook format. Five Volumes! 376 Pages. 700+ photos. 41 Video Clips. 1,300 files. 72MB eBOOK! 49.95
eBK02 The abridged version of the COMPLETE SURVEY containing only the 41 video clips! 24.95
SPM01 "Fundamentals; The Most Important" 39.99
SPM02 "Phoenix Eye Fist Attacking / Stepping" 39.99
SPM03 "Centerline Defense" 39.99
SPM04 "One, Three & Nine Step Attack / Defense" 39.99
SPM05 "Centerline Sticky Hand Training" 39.99
SPM06 "Same Hand / Opposite Hand Attacks" 39.99
SPM07 "Sai Shu, Sik Shu, Jik (Chun) Shu" 39.99
SPM08 "Gow Choy Hammer Fist / Internal Strength" 39.99

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