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Kicking / Leg Skill

Feet should become as skillful in attack and defense as the hands, although, some say a kick to the head is like a punch to the foot. Yet, the foot contains several important vital points and is often attacked using the Hakka pole techniques, especially the big toe.  Kicks, sweeps, stomps, and sticky leg training are among the methods employed.

Solo Training

Although, Hakka mantis combat  is only mastered by two man (paired training) the essential skills must be thoroughly trained and made ones own through solo training.  One must individually set a personal schedule and exercise himself daily until the fundamental skills, basics, single man forms, apparatus, and weapons are instinctually understood.

Paired Training

Self Defense requires two man training to be realistic and cannot be learned by shadowboxing alone.  Paired training is numerous from basic conditioning, strengthening, one - three - nine steps, sticky hands, sticky legs, sticky body, to the advanced two man sets and vital point target practice.  "One must borrow another's hand but never hang his meat on their hook" is the Hakka saying.

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