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China Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu Survey™


Visit Beautiful China Free! 

NEW!  Hakka Feast in Pingshan

Lee Kok Leung's 2005 Hong Kong Hakka Mantis Article in Hong Kong Magazine

Visit Kwongsai Sifu Wong's Lychee Orchard on Mt. Maluan and taste how sweet it is!
Thousands of trees bring happiness to Wong Sifu's friends, neighbors and community!

Join me at an Ancient Coastal Fortress in Guangdong!
A chance meeting with Grandmaster Yip Sui's students and friends!

25.5 Million US Dollar Bruce Lee Memorial in China
Hotels, spas, casinos, an international conference center, a Bruce Lee Literature & Martial Arts Academy and a zoology screening hall!

Magic or Medicine?
Secrecy Today?  Necessary?  The Kwongsai Mantis Ancestral Shrine

In Search of Fujian Province's elusive 108 Crane?

Here Piggy Piggy Piggy!
A Peaceful Year of the Pig - 2007

Coming Soon!  Been there done that in 1990 and 2004!
Go with me again to the seven wells in star formation in search of magic swords!

Coming Soon!  Watch Master Sword Crafters make 7 Star Swords in Zhejiang Province

Coming Soon!  Been There, Done That About Once a Week for A Couple Years!
Scale Mt. Maluan in Pingshan and take a peek at Hong Kong from the Summit

Coming Soon!   Roast a Chicken in a Earthen Clay Pit, Guangdong Style!
Pick out a Rooster and cook it "Kenny Roger's" style in China

Coming Soon!  The Giant White Horse Marks Pingshan's Crossroads!
Ride the White Horse of Pingshan but it's not like the Nashville Bar

Coming Soon!   And of Course this!
Visit "My Place"

Coming Soon!   A Beautiful Seaside Vista! The Giant Crabs are Delicious!
Visit a seaside "seafood market" and buy sea shells by the seashore

Coming Soon!   Only Twenty Minutes Away!
Visit the Largest Hakka Museum in China

And More!

Roger D. Hagood

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Training in Bujutsu is to build ones’ character. The techniques are transmitted from person to person on an individual basis and should not be disclosed indiscriminately to the public. Such secret techniques should not be used for evil purposes. Uyeshiba, Aikido Founder


In daily training, begin with basic movements to strengthen the body without overexertion. Spend the first ten minutes warming up and there will be no fear of injury even for older people. Enjoy yourself in training and strive to comprehend its’ true purpose. Uyeshiba, Aikido Founder

Sibok Jesse Eng


The instructor can only impart a small portion of the teaching. Only through ceaseless training can you obtain the necessary experience allowing you to bring these mysteries alive. Hence, do not chase after many techniques – one by one make each technique your own. Uyeshiba, Aikido Founder

Sifu Louie Jack Man

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