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Crystal Lake, IL, May, 2011 --

With over 30 years experience and 20 years teaching martial arts, Rick's strong determination and effort has helped him achieve black belts and expertise in several styles including Jook Lum Southern Mantis, Chu Gar Southern Mantis, Tae Kwon Do, Shuai Chiao, Bak Mei and Kempo.   He is also proprietor of Shaolin Brand Martial Art Supplies and a policeman on the local night beat.

He is a proven champion with true skill having won a triple crown for forms, weapons and sparring, as well as being a Lion Dance Champion and placing 3rd on the US National Karate Team.   After 15 years in the same location, he has just now relocated to a newer and larger School outside of Chicago and re-opened his Branch of the Bamboo Temple Chinese Benevolent Association.  Watch for the new site coming soon - now under revision.

Chief Instructor Rick plays the Iron Bar weighing 50 lbs. for "ging" spring power and conditioning!

Instructor Tim Innis plays Iron Rings weighing 5 lbs. each for spring power and conditioning!

Rick (L) has a varied curriculum including special needs children
although his focus is Southern Mantis.

Everyone Welcome!

Please call to schedule an Introduction class.


Richard Lee Gamboa, Sifu

Bamboo Temple Assn.
Action Kung fu Academy
462 W. Virgina St. (Rt. 14)
Crystal Lake, Illinois 60014


Phone: (847) 458-2080

New Crystal Lake Bamboo Temple website to
launch soon!  Stay tuned for updates.

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Hard and Soft

In training, it is very difficult to start out hard and reduce it to softness. Kwongsai Mantis

Sifu Wong Jing Ping School - Hong Kong

Sweat and Blood

The more you sweat in training, the less you will bleed in battle. Kwongsai Mantis

Wong Yao Hong Sifu - Pingshan Town, China

Mercy or Cruelty

I have a high art, I hurt with cruelty those who would damage me. - Archilocus, 650 B.C.

Elder Lok Wei Ping Sifu - Huizhou, China

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