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China Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu Survey™

Below is a partial list of essays related to training Southern Praying Mantis that I have previously published.  I'll add more of them here as time permits.  Underlined titles are online now.  Subscribe and receive email notices of new postings. 


Centering and Rooting

108 Vital Points

Poem of Six

Hat Yi Sao - Beggars Hand - Hakka Mantis On Guard

Internal Work in Hakka Mantis (opens in a new window)

Centerline Training

1962 Mantis Society Hong Kong

Song of the Body Posture

Spiral Power

Mor Sao

Gwak Sao

Choc Sao

Sai Sao

Sic Sao

Jik Sao

Free Hand

Three C's

Four Secrets

Kong Sao - Talking Hands

Mantis Feeding Hands

18 Hands Inside Kungfu Excerpt

108: Kwongsai Mantis - Vital Point Striking

Gong's - Inner Organ Training

Internal Training

Nei Kung - Spiritual Internal Work

Sitao - Sifu;  Teacher - Student Relationship

Raise the Martial Spirit

Seeking the Master

Spirit in Training

Tuition or Purchase

Cult of Kwan Ti

Meanings in Chinese New Year

Kwongsai Mantis Curriculum Year One

Kwongsai Mantis Curriculm Year Two

Kwongsai Mantis Curriculum Year Three

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"The true value of the martial arts is not in 100 victories but in the perfection of the character of the students." - Funakoshi 1922


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