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This site is dedicated to the late Kwongsai Jook Lum Temple Master Wong Yook Gong.

Description: Watch below this Hakka Chu Gar Praying Mantis Kungfu video then download and share freely with your online mantis friends! A montage of some of the late grandmaster Cheng Wan's appearances on Hong Kong television! And also spend a couple of hours - just click next at the bottom of each page to study this Instructional Site and Southern Praying Mantis in China!
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This principle of contact, control and strike (until the opponent is red) is central to all mantis action and is based on the three powers of the arm; from the shoulder to the elbow, elbow to the wrist, wrist to the fingertips.

One Controls Two

A skillful mantis will defend and attack using one arm to trap and control the opponents two arms, leaving one hand to attack freely at will.

1 Arm 3 Hands

Defend and attack with one arm is done by using the forearm for defensive movement while simultaneously attacking with the hand or fingers. This can only be accomplished if one has understood the centerline theory.

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