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Variations of 'Hat Yi Sao' - Beggar's Hand Posture

  • This Hakka mantis 'on guard' position is meant to entice the opponent into the mantis door and then traps.  The basic traps are contained in Som Bo Gin.

  • There are variations in Beggar Hand.  It may be double bridge (hand) or single bridge. One may scowl and show the teeth to ward off or appear soft and weak to entice the opponent into a trap.

  • The hands are pair of (Chinese) double doors. One may open both doors or a single door. Open the doors and invite them in.  Close the doors and send them out.

  • Below are 3 variations - Kwongsai Mantis (USA and China); Chu Gar; and Iron Ox

  • Emulate each - each posture is worthy of study.

Late Louie Jack Man Sifu

Mark Gin Foon Sifu

RDH Plays Gene's Chu Gar

Late Gene Chen Sifu
Chu Gar Gao

Late Gene Chen Sifu
Right Single Beggar Hand Fist

Late Gene Chen Sifu
Left Open Single Beggar Hand

Wong Baklim Sibok
Lam Sang First Generation

Late Harry Sun Sibok
Yang Hand Hat Yi Sao

Jesse Eng Sibok
Lam Sang First Generation

Late Cheng Wan Sifu
Chu Gar Mantis

Late Yao Kam Fat Sifu
China Kwongsai Mantis

Xu Men Fei Sifu
China Iron Ox Mantis

Late Dong Yat Long Sifu
Chu Gar Gao - Multiple Uses Beggar Hand

Late Dong Yat Long Sifu
Chu Gar Gao - Beggar Hand Variations

Late Dong Yat Long Sifu
Chu Gar Gao - Beggar Hand Open Doors

Late Dong Yat Long Sifu
Chu Gar Gao - Beggar Hand Cross the Bridge

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