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China Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu Survey

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Description: Learn the Colors, Seasons, Emotions and Sounds that will Heal the Inner Organs!
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Oriental Secrets SeriesTM 

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Healing Sounds Self-Health Qigong

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Oriental Secrets of Healing Sounds!
Learn the colors, seasons, emotions and sounds that will heal the Inner Organs!
Every sound resonates through all parts of your body.  The sounds we hear in our everyday lives deeply impact our emotions, our moods, and our health!

Modern research from around the world indicates that sound therapy, both music and vibrational, is effective in curing or alleviating cancer,  high blood pressure, immune problems, among many other unpleasant physical and emotional symptoms.

Oriental Secrets of Healing Sounds is a Oriental Secrets of Healing Sounds! fascinating introduction of "modern" ancient sound therapy practices.  You will be guided through a step-by-step "how to" of invigorating exercises that energize the heart, lungs, liver,spleen, and  kidneys.  Anyone, regardless of age or health,  will immediately experience the healing effects of sound therapy.

Oriental Secrets of healing Sounds is the first volume in the Oriental Secrets Collection.   This wonderful series of videos teaches the alternative routes to maintaining a healthier well-being!

Hosted by Dr. Michael Saso, Ph.D. Professor Saso is a scholar of the religious Dr. Michael Saso, Ph.D. practices of Japan and China with a particular emphasis on Taoism.  He is a noted authority of Asian and Comparative religions.

He has a MA from Yale University and PhD from London University's School of Oriental and African Studies.

A Professor Emeritus from the University of Hawaii, he has spent the last 45 years researching religious Taoism and Tibetan Tantric Buddhism.

He is the author of many scholarly books on Asia, and is the Director of the New Life Center, Carmel, Ca, a charitable organization which helps build schools and health clinics in Yunnan Province, China as well as the Kham and Amdo areas of greater Tibet.


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    Hakka Stance

    Ting Jing or Listening Pure Stance basics include the toe - finger clawing which aids root development. Toes claw the ground (stance); fingertips grip the air.

    Hakka Footwork

    Basic footwork includes Chop, Circle, Advance stepping from 45 degrees to 360. Patterns are many and varied.

    3 Steps, 4 Corners, 8 Directions

    Each of the 18 basic skills must be trained in the various footwork patterns. Refer to the Footwork Instructional DVD Volume 9.

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