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Description: "The Meaning of Nature and Destiny" - Written in the sixteenth century, this ancient seven volume book is a definitive source of ancient qigong and is used to explain meditative breathing techniques. A rare find any where today!
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This seven volume Book is one of a mere handful of surviving ancient texts of Qigong Instruction.  Cryptic and written in traditional "old" Chinese script, the book is replete with images and diagrams such as to the right:

Translation - Centers of the involuntary circulation of Chi energy. The middle field of elixir (dan tien) is represented by a new moon and three stars, the yellow court by a square, and the lower dan tien by a cauldron. The right hand of the figure holds a moon, symbolized by a jade rabbit. The left hand holds the sun, symbolized by a three legged bird. The three legs of the bird symbolize Heaven, Earth, and Man. Sun and Moon are the movers which bring about the circular movement of the energy in the body.

Ancient 16th Century Qigong Manuscript!


Approx. 5" x 8"
Seven Volumes - 182 Pages
Numerous Illustrations
Traditional Chinese Text
Condition Good


16th Century Ancient Qigong Manuscript! 








These drawings explain that Chi energy will awaken when the yin and yang energies of the body are balanced. Postnatal chi derived from food and drink will then liberate prenatal chi stored in the bone and marrow. On the right: "A spark will be born in the pot (abdomen) when cinnabar (elixir) is inside and mercury (spirit) is enough. After they are mixed the yellow seed (chi) is planted and will grow. You may laugh at the cauldron (cooking pot - lower abdomen) but it's drug is life so don't waste time in idle talk. You may laugh at the cauldron but it's method is to cultivate the essence.  (When the river is calm you will find the gem). My form is Shen Tai (spiritual).  When the flower opens the news will be of the yellow seed. Refining the sexual essence must be controlled by the soul or else it is as if you are boiling an empty pot. The small figure fanning the pot represents "kindling the fire" by regulating the breath. The cauldron pot in which the essence is boiled (to become chi) is the lower abdomen.

16th Century - Meaning of Nature and Destiny!


One of the seminal works of ancient Qigong and Internal Work.  Never before translated to English.  Truly hard to find any where today!  China One of a Kind - Unique, Rare and Collectible!




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Fic - Hook Hands

A method to create short power while developing actual defensive and offensive skills is Fic Shu, commonly called hook hands.  It is short snap powers.  Movement is only inches but seeks to develop spring power from the feet to the fingertips.  Methods are many and varied with 4 count and 10 count being common.

Elbow Stroking

As Hakka Mantis is commonly called "short power and in-fighting" it is natural that elbow strokes would be a mainstay as they are mid range second hand.  Methods are many and varied and include sticky elbow training.  The tip of the elbow is employed to strike vertical, horizontal, forward, side to side, backward, up and down.

Qin Na / Shuai Jiao

Qin Na - The mantis claw is used to seize and control (grab, slice, poke, hit, chop) the joints of the body as well as rip and tear soft tissue.  Emphasis is in the two man forms.  Shuai Jiao - Various sweeps and take downs are employed.  A variation of Osotogari is often seen in the two man forms which always teaches the counter defense as well.

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