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Description: Real Secrets of Internal Work! 8 Area Concentration is the root of Internal Work in ancient Taoist Chi Kung!
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Oriental Secrets SeriesTM 

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Chi Kung for Inner Strength
Nei Kung Internal Work 

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Nei Kung  or "Internal Work"  is defined in the dictionary as Oriental Secrets of Inner Strength! "the exercise and training of Internal organs to develop uncanny feats of strength and endurance." 

Chinese History is laced with countless tales of heroes and their extraordinary feats of accomplishment.   Learn the secrets of Real Chi Kung Internal Work. 

This ancient exercise known as Eight Area Concentration focuses the breath with muscular force to the eight energy centers on the torso.  Combining proper breath control, muscular force and anus control to specific energy centers, you will learn to direct the chi to:

  • Lower Dantien
  • Kidneys
  • Waist
  • Upper AbdomenOriental Secrets of Inner Strength!
  • Chest
  • Underarms
  • Back
  • Throat
  • Oriental Secrets of Inner Strength!

    An example of this is:


    Oriental Secrets of Inner Strength!


    To achieve proper results, you must know the correct formula for breath control - inhale fast, hold, exhale slow, what percentage, how long for each?  Without the key you cannot unlock the door to this IRON BODY Internal Work.

    Your Host, Kenneth Michael Terry, has a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science and is a Certified Personal Trainer and expert martial artist.

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  • Take my challenge and try this exercise one time - just follow your host - and if you don't think that in one month of daily exercise your internal strength will increase then I will promptly return your tuition AND provide you with any other Oriental Secrets video!  And thats more than a guarantee - that's a Promise!  ---RDH

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    Ging Production

    It is said that ging is produced in the feet and expressed outward toward the limbs. This is the function of the stance and footwork. If not exactly correct, one may never develop a root and center and so the hands will never develop sufficient ging power. Lack of strength in the hands, look for the deficiency in the feet.

    Iron Steps

    Iron steps are firm but flexible, hear the opponents sound, see his shadow, move accordingly. Issue ging power from the wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles. Inside, outside, up, down, forward and back.

    Keep and Return

    Keep what comes in. Return what is going away. Move in, make contact when there is none. Give back what you get. With one ounce one may return one thousand pounds. Two tigers go separate ways knowing both will be injured and one may die.

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