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Below is a short list of Interviews on specific topics from the SURVEY.  The full list on numerous topics is contained in the SURVEY eBook.  Download your copy now.  As time permits I will publish more here.  Get the complete list in the SURVEY eBook. 


2005, Pingshan Town
Wong Yu Hua Speaks About Relationships, China Mantis, His Father

2011, Hong Kong
Chu Gar Mantis Interview - Sifu Cheng Kwun Chiu

2004, Jook Lum Temple, Shanxi Province
Resident Monk Speaks of Som Dot

2004, Jook Lum Temple, Kwongsai Province
Resident Monk Speaks of Internal Breath Control

2003, Jook Lum Temple, Macau
Senior Speaks of Lee Siem See

2003, Hong Kong
Lee Kok Leung Speaks of his Teaching

2002, Hong Kong
Cheng Wan Speaks of Lao Sui and Chu Kwong Hua's Chu Gar Mantis

2002, Longgang District
Yao Kam Fat Speaks of Visiting Lao Sui

2002, Pingshan Town
Iron Uncle Chung Speaks of Lam Sang

2002, Liangjiang Town
Yang Gun Ming's Family Speaks of Kwongsai and Chu Gar Early Days

2002, Ping Di Town
Xu Men Fei Speaks of Iron Ox and its Connection to Som Dot's Mantis

2002, Huizhou City
Lok Wei Ping Speaks of Learning from Lao Sui

2002, Huizhou City
Lai Wei Keung Speaks of Opening a Kwongsai Mantis School in 1948
2002, Huizhou City
Lai Say Kay Demonstrates Irregular Kwongsai Mantis

2002, Dan Sui City
Chung Yel Chong's Grandson, Chung Wei Fei Speaks of his Grandfather

Get the complete list in the SURVEY eBook

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To a mantis patience is truly a virtue.


Don't be a mantis trying to obstruct a chariot - don't overrate oneself and try to hold back an overwhelmingly superior force.


Don't be a mantis that stalks a cicada, unaware of the oriole bird behind - don't covet gains ahead, unaware of the dangers lurking behind.

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