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China Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu Survey™

Lee Kok Leung, Hakka Mantis Sifu of the First Order

This article was published in 2005, Hong Kong, by Sifu Lee Kok Leung.
It contains an accurate account of Kwongsai Mantis Kungfu in China.

It is only a prelude, a very brief introduction, to the FIVE YEAR project,
"China Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu Survey™,"
which contains hundreds of never before seen photographs, interviews and historical facts of interest
regarding this rare art's origins, history and practices.

Start your Survey of so called "Southern Praying Mantis"!

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and Discover why there is no "Southern Praying Mantis" in China!
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© Copyright 2005, Lee Kok Leung
Wong Yuk Gong Photos © Copyright 1962, 2005 Wong Yu Hua
Reprinted with Permission


For a translation and interview of Lee Sifu refer to the Survey eBook


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