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Eng Sibok and RDH Visit in Hong Kong 2011!

Hong Kong, Mar 25, 2011 --

Jesse Eng Sibok was one of seven people who made disciple ceremony to the late Lam Sang in New York City's Chinatown circa 1955.  At that time, Lam Sang Sifu was kungfu master for the Hip Sing Merchant Association.  Over the years hundreds of Hip Sing members trained downstairs under Lam Sang's guidance.  But, only seven members were taught privately as upstairs 'inner gate' disciples.  In fact, those disciples all lived together with Lam Sang in a three bedroom apartment on Broom Street in Chinatown!

Originally from Hong Kong, Eng Sibok immigrated to the USA as a youth and became a naturalized USA citizen. He still has family in Hong Kong and makes regular trips to visit.  On the above occasion he and I (RDH) spent the day discussing - guess what - mantis!

The pictures below were made during a 2007 visit and are a few shots from Lam Sang's 18 Point form.  You can see that the first generation of Lam Sang's teaching is a bit different than the second and third.   One of the differences is the monkey stepping and kicking seen in the first generation.

Some have said Lam Sifu taught at the Hip Sing for just a few months, however, as can be seen in the photograph below, the Hip Sing Association was active under his guidance as chief instructor for a number of years before he accepted post at the Chinese Freemason Association circa 1963.

In the mid 90's, with protracted effort, I finally tracked this 1958 photo and article down to a Seattle Newspaper.  After their library and archive search, I was able to purchase the photo and subsequently gave copies to my mentors from the Hip Sing who framed and hung it on their walls!  Since then, it has been widely plagiarized to my dismay and the Seattle Newspaper.

(From the new  site - still under revision) --- RDH

1958 Lam Sang's Hip Sing Students in Seattle!

1958, Seattle Times Newspaper
Lam Sifu (front right) and his students were hosted by the Seattle Hip Sing Association.
Eng Sibok in the rear center along with many of the first generation "inner gate" disciples.
Late Sibok Harry Sun (3 pics below) second row far right in the above pic.
Wong Baklim Sibok, Dai - Sihing, is in the center of the very back row.

Looking forward to Jesse Sibok's next Hong Kong visit!

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Roger D. Hagood

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Choc Shu

Looking into the Mirror - Late Sibok Harry Sun

Late Sibok Harry Sun

Phoenix Eye

The phoenix fist is very supple in any direction.

Late Sibok Harry Sun

Jet Choi

Fist to face - visible fists strike invisible blows.

Late Sibok Harry Sun

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