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4079 Happy New Year!
Update: Feb 15 and it is still festive with fireworks blasting around the clock here in Pingshan Town!

Chinese Lunar New Year 4079
February 3 - 17, 2011
Pingshan Town
Guangdong, China

Metal Rabbit Year of Peace 4079

Chinese New Year - World's Largest Human Migration

Minus 43C in January 2011 Just this week Presidents Hu and Obama inked a deal worth 45 billion dollars to the US economy and cemented further lasting peace and friendship among China and the US. President Hu's last stop was Chicago where the weather was -13 C and snowing. Although, that'll feel warm compared to back home in China where it was - 43C in Mongolia with ice fog and snow. 

And its bone chilling cold almost everywhere in China and just in time for the 40 day period from Jan 19 to Feb 27 when the world's largest human migration takes place in China. Hundreds of millions of people during this time will be travelling to and from their ancestral homeland for family reunions. Some 230,000,000 are expected just on the trains this year!

700 Million Travellers



The Spring Festival, or Chinese New Year Celebration, falls on Feb. 3 this year, and is the most important traditional Chinese festival of the year.

Chinese New Year 4709, or 2011 in the Western calendar, is the Year of the Metal Rabbit and is traditionally associated with home and family, artistic pursuits, diplomacy, and keeping the peace. Therefore, 2011 is very likely to be a relatively calmer one than 2010 both on the world scene, as well as on a personal level.

Chinese railway police have arrested 1,067 people for scalping train tickets in a crackdown before New Years!

Chinese gov't to provide Spring Festival charity to needy people

More than 86 million low-income, old or disabled Chinese people will receive charity of 10.4 billion yuan (1.58 billion U.S. dollars) before this year's Spring Festival. The one-off charitable payment amounts to between 100 and 180 yuan per capita and will be given in cash.  Local government departments were urged to strictly supervise the disbursement of the funds.

Guangdong province will launch a pilot project this year requiring Party and government officials to report their assets, acceptance of gifts, and government car use in the latest move to curb corruption. Other Provinces are expected to follow.

Happy 2011 Chinese New Year!

2011 Chinese New Year FAQ

  • About 2.85 billion passenger trips by airplane, train, ferry and highway will be made during this New Year's cross-country rush - almost a 12% percent increase over 2010.

  • About 700 million people - half the country's population - are expected to travel domestically during the 40 day period.

  • 586 more trains a day will operate, 4,531 more daily departures, during this year's travel peak than during last year's -15-percent increase.

  • China Southern Airlines will add 4,557 flights, 4,335 of which are domestic, during the period.

  • In Guangzhou city alone, (capital of Guangdong Province) passengers can buy tickets at 2,676 windows or by using a ticket sales hotline.

  • Many people report standing in line for tickets up to 5 hours and arriving at the station 7 hours before departure.

  • I'll let you know how well I fare during the New Year celebrations in the Feb news column.
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10 Provinces with the Most Martial Arts Schools in China

About the Ranking

Shaolin Temple is not the only choice if you want to learn martial arts in China today. More than 500,000 foreigners live in China now and for many martial art is a way of life. You can choose an appropriate one based on your own need.  But, if you want to learn Southern Praying Mantis come to visit me in Pingshan Town!  It's not taught in any of these places below.
Do your homework and google them for more info!

Henan Province

Home of Shaolin Temple, Henan Province has been the first choice for foreigners to learn martial arts in China. There are a lot of international famous martial art schools, for example, Chen jiagou Martial Arts School, home of Chen's Tai Chi, as well as more than 100 small-sized martial arts schools.

Anhui Province

It is another place filled with lots of martial arts schools in China. Although they are not as famous as the schools in Henan Province, they foster their own competitive advantages. They develop rapidly in international student enrollment. There are about 10 well-known schools in Anhui Province.

Hebei Province

Similar to Anhui Province, Hebei Province has got a large number of martial art schools. Such famous ones as Yuying Martial School attract a large amount of foreign martial art lovers.

Shandong Province

Songjiang Martial School, one of the most famous martial art schools, is in Shandong Province. With its natural and historic advantages, Shandong is an ideal place to learn martial arts. And most everyone has heard that Northern Praying Mantis is from Shandong Province. It is widespread in Shandong counties.

Guangdong Province

As one of the earliest provinces that was open to the outside, it gradually developed many martial art schools although they are less than Shandong Province in quantity. Guandong is famous for Wing Chun, Hong Style and the Southern Fist schools.

Hubei Province

It is a big province in the middle of China and home to hundreds of martial arts schools. One of the most famous is Wudang Martial Arts School which has been the first choice for foreigners to learn the "internal" martial arts of China.

Jilin Province

As one of the most important provinces in north-eastern China, it has developed a batch of excellent martial art schools from early times, for example, Siping Shaolin Martial Arts School.


As the capital city of China, it also did very well in martial arts training, attracted experts from far and wide eager to prove themselves. Although there are only a few martial arts schools, more and more training courses are mushrooming quickly in Beijing. Yiquan, Bagua and Tai Chi are common.


Similar to Beijing, there are a few martial arts schools here, and several big martial training centers, such as Rulong Martial Arts Center. Recently, some foreigners have opened kickboxing and MMA schools in order to attract the local folks.

Zhejiang Province

Zhejiang Province is a beautiful place with many famous mountains. It his home to old school Southern Fist arts such as Choy Li Fut and Li Gar. Recent years have seen an increase in TKD and modern wushu schools.

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Top 10 Chinese Martial Art Schools in China

Best in martial art is a term used for competition, not usually espoused in traditional martial art schools teaching self-cultivation. Here is your list of some of the best schools teaching competition!

Top 1 Songshan Shaolin Martial Arts Academy

Established in early 1980, it has been very popular among foreign learners for its authentic Chinese martial art courses and perfect study environment. Sponsored by the Shaolin Temple, it offers what some say are the best courses and students from all over the world come for extended training.

Top 2 Henan Dengfeng Shaolin Epo Wushu College

Founded in 1977, it is one of the oldest Chinese martial arts schools in China. All the courses have been based on the needs of the students and it also offers various services for its students.

Top 3 Beijing Shaolin Wushu School

As a key martial arts school in Beijing, it was established in 1991. After several years development, it owns four branches at present. Offering courses of different levels, it has been the best choice for people who want to learn Chinese martial arts in Beijing.

Top 4 Haideng Art and Kungfu School

Founded in 1988 by Wang Quanyi, a famous martial educationalist who inherited from Shaolin Haideng Master, it covers a land area of 200 Chinese acres with more than 10 million RMB invested, which is a great guarantee for its quality of facilities.

Top 5 Song Shan Shaolin Temple Harbin Wushu School

It is regarded as one of the best Chinese martial arts schools in the Northeast of China. Founded in 1994, it is a professional martial school managed and instructed by the masters from Shaolin Temple.

Top 6 Siping City Shao Lin Martial Arts Academy

It offers first-class courses of shaolin kungfu for students from all over the world. Until now it has received about 2,000 foreign learners from all over the world. Founded in 1995, it has developed itself into a professional martial arts school.

Top 7 Shanghai Qingpu Martial Arts Institute

Having its establishment in 1998, it boasts strong teaching team and well-known martial arts coaches in China. It is also equipped with advanced and complete teaching facilities and board equipment.

Top 8 Chenjiagou Martial Arts Academy

For those foreign learners who want to train Tai Chi Chuan, it is the best place, and it has gained great achievement in teaching activities of Tai Chi. And this school is also the first classic provincial academic institution in China.

Top 9 Shaolin Small Dragon Martial Arts Institute

With about 5,000 students studying in it, it has cultivated a large number of outstanding martial arts talent, and world-class champions and national champions in recent years.

Top 10 South Shaolin Martial Arts School

After more than 20 years development, it is now a famous martial arts school in Fujian province and China. With the help of various famous people and associations, it has gained great achievement in teaching.


And Here is the Short List - Be amazed at the statistics of these schools!

Google them. Do your homework if wushu is your interest. Read what the stats say - amazing - 28,000 students in one school!  I've seen it with my own eyes!  But, if you want to learn Hakka Mantis, come to see me in China! You won't find it at any of these schools below.

1 Shaolin Temple Boxing Arts Institute

Shaolin Temple Boxing Arts Institute was founded on August, 1996. It covers an area of 180 mu. It is Dengfeng’s only modern new type institute co-founded by Shaolin Warrior Monks Group and Physical Culture Institute of Zhengzhou University, which engages in Shaolin Chuan research, martial arts training and cultural teaching. This institute can provide lots of boxing arts like five-step boxing, small Hongquan, big Hongquan, Tongbi chuan, Ditangquan, mantis boxing, eagle claw boxing, plum-blossom Quan, etc.

2 Longwu Kung Fu Center

Longwu Kung fu Center is the first well-known large-scale Wushu center in Shanghai. This center has a special design style and it is well-equipped with all kinds of facilities. The students come from all parts of the world. It has foreign and domestic excellent professional coaches who have won International boxing art matches. The main boxing arts include traditional Shaolin chuan, Xing Yi Quan and Wing Chun.

3 Shaolin Epo Martial Arts School

Henan Dengfeng Shaolin Epo Wushu College was founded in 1977. It is one of the earliest professional martial arts schools founded after the foundation of New China. This college covers an area of 100,000 square meters, in which, the total building area is about 72,000 square meters and the training field is about 56,000 square meters. Currently, it has over 6,500 students come from all parts of China. Besides, there are about 1,100 foreign students come to study martial arts in this college. The shaolin chuan and traditional boxing arts are taught by the experienced boxing masters in this college.

4 Songshan Shaolin Martial Arts School

Currently, Songshan Shaolin Wushu College is the first choice for foreign Wushu lovers to study martial arts. This college was hosted by Shaolin Temple. The president of this college is Lei Shuchang, who is one of the provincial top ten boxing masters. The head coach is Sun Hongguang, who is the national first-level Wushu judge, with three continuous championships of the provincial "Wushu Association Cup". This college has lots of boxing masters. All the coaches are free combat champions, famous Taolu (form) performance stars, hard qigong masters and martial arts masters of the film and TV circles. All of them have qualification certificates.

5 Shaolin Tagou Martial Arts School

Shaolin Tagou Wushu College was founded in 1978. It was launched by the national well-known boxing master Liu Baoshan, who is the inheritor of Chinese traditional culture and was born in an old and well-known Wushu family. Currently, this college has an area of 550,000 square meters and the building area is about 280,000 square meters. There are 28,000 teachers and students at this college. There are 19 large-scale exercise rooms in this college. So far, Shaolin Tagou Wushu College has cultivated 136 world champions and 280 national champions.

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1.3 sq km Tai Chi City to be built in Huairou, Beijing

Yang Tai Chi - Yang Zheng Duo The Tai Chi City, which covers an area of 1.3 square kilometers, will be located in Huairou of Beijing. On Jan. 18, actor Jet Li, Beijing Vice Mayor Chen Gang, Wang Fei, vice director of the Being Municipal Commission of Urban Planning and the people in charge of the Huairou District government, together made a second round of planning evaluation.

Huairou Tai Chi City is a rotunda, and the main body is a white color.

There is a Tai Chi Bagua pattern on the round base. The building may also support hotels, restaurants and other facilities.

After the evaluation, Jet Li told reporters that the purpose of building this Tai Chi City is to promote China's Tai Chi culture.

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CPPCC* member calls on Tai Chi to bid for World Cultural Heritage

Tai Chi - A World Cultural Heritage

An official from Henan Province said it is necessary for Tai Chi, as an internal Chinese martial art form, to bid as World Cultural Heritage.

Statistics shows the number of Tai Chi exercisers reaches around 300 million from home and abroad.

The beauty of Tai Chi movements is derived from its 2,000 year old history as a martial art form which redirects an attackers energy against them.  Although this is a more indirect martial arts approach compared to the aggressive and explosive movements of Shaolin Kung Fu, it can still be used with deadly intent.

*A member of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC)

Chen Tai Chi - Chen Xiao Wang

Stay tuned next month for the news of Chinese New Year 2011!

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