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Hong Kong, December 2009

Cheng Wan Sifu reached an advanced age and dedicated his life to carrying the Chu Gar Mantis tradition forward.  As successor to Chu Kwong Hua and Lao Sui, Cheng Sifu was well known internationally and especially among Hong Kong Kungfu circles.  He literally has hundreds of students that will carry on his name and teaching during his more than five decades as head of Chu Gar Mantis.

Some two months before expiring, he had yielded to his old age and natural causes and retired to an elderly home.  I was glad to visit him a couple of times and it was a real pleasure to see him perk up and smile - even recognizing that I had cut my hair before visiting him!  His body was old but his spirit was strong!

Simu, his wife, has since retired to an elderly home also.

Cheng Sifu had written out and given me an "ancestral shrine" that I will bring onward on his behalf and in a Chu Gar effort.  He wished Chu Gar Mantis to blossom.  He is sorely missed.

 Cheng Wan Sifu - Chu Gar Head Master

Cheng Sifu - A Strong Chu Gar Spirit

Chu Gar Praying Mantis, Cheng Wan National Martial Art Athletic Association

Cheng Sifu's Chu Gar Legacy Onward!



Roger D. Hagood

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