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Cheng Sifu's Funeral Rites Performed

Jan 2, 2010, Hong Kong

Cheng Wan Sifu's funeral rites were performed at Hong Hom Universal Funeral Parlor.  Simu, his wife, was unable to attend due to health concerns.

Every year for 35 years, in the summer, Cheng Sifu held annual celebrations with hundreds of International kungfu teachers, students and laymen and laywomen in attendance.  They were grand traditional kungfu celebrations of the old type.

Sifu's son, Cheng Chiu survives him and teaches Chu Gar in the New Territories.  Cheng Sifu literally had hundreds of students to carry onward his and the Chu Gar legacy.  He did not appoint a successor, although some were given written authorization to teach and carry forward.


Cheng Sifu never cared about who, what or when you were.  He accepted all PAI with warm welcomes.  He and I once had a bout about Kwongsai Mantis.  He could but not acknowledge, accept and then teach me his Chu Gar Mantis from Lao Sui and Chu Kwong Hua. 

Volume Five of the eBook Survey, Chu Gar Mantis, is dedicated to Cheng Wan Sifu and contains an in-depth look into his life and teaching.

Cheng Sifu was a kungfu cultural icon in Hong Kong and will be sorely missed.

Roger D. Hagood


Couplet by Buddhist Master Zhong Yi, Australia

(Hakka Precious Person)

(Whole Life Dedicated to Martial Arts)


(Sincere Heart, Patient, Transmitting Chu Gar Mantis Kungfu)


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