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Sibok Mu Passes Too

Every Monday for six years I called Uncle Harry Sun.  We talked two or three hours.  My phone bills were large.  We had not only a teacher-student relationship, but a deep abiding friendship.

Mrs. Rita, Sibok Mu, has now passed too.

Harry was one of Mark Gin Foon, my Sifu's mentors.  Harry and I called Mark Sifu and they reminisced circa 1997.  When Harry left Lam Sang Sigong on Broom Street in New York City, it was Mark Sifu who helped him move his things, including the buckets of rocks for poking fingers.

Harry left Lam Sang due to a (kungfu) sibling rivalry.  About money.  Tuition.  He left the group (clan) to earn money and send it back to Lam Sifu.  Harry had left NYC for North Carolina, USA.  He worked in a coffee shop circa 1959 North Carolina.  Once, a customer took exception to Harry being Chinese in NC.  Harry not being one to be intimidated, received the brunt of bigotry.  He said to me the aggressor could not hit him.  His Mantis could defend, but he could not hurt the oppressor when he attacked.

Harry sent money every month to a NYC bank account for Lam Sang Sifu.  There were 7 who lived together with Lam Sang then in NYC.

When Harry returned to NYC, he asked Lam Sang Sifu what to do.  He could defend, but could not offend the aggressor.  Lam Sang taught Harry to put a leather bag full of iron shot hanging eye high and attack with the finger tips.  Harry's fingers could poke a hole through a skull.  Just take it easy over a long period of time, he said. And use the liniments.

When Harry moved out, Lam Sang stood on the balcony and beckoned Harry to return.  Lam Sang asked Harry to return to the 108, four seasons.  Harry said give it to somebody else.  Harry received 72 of the 108.

I loved Harry.  And I loved Mrs. Rita.  Mrs. Rita was the quintessential (kungfu) auntie.  She tolerated Harry, me, and Kwongsai Mantis at all hours!

They are survived by son, Ed and Grandson, Griffin.  Kungfu Brothers Jesse and Bak Lim survive to this day. Among others.


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