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China Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu Survey

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Pingshan Town, Guangdong, China. Late Sifu Wong Yook Gong Kwongsai Jook Lum Clan 35th Anniversary Celebration, circa 2003. Complete forms demonstrated, numerous two man weapons sets, three step scissors set, four doors set, southern mantis plum blossom pole set, south mantis broadsword, and other kungfu. This eBook also contains short footage of Hakka unicorn dancing and the dinner banquet. 30 Minutes approx. Get your full copy now!
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Kwongsai Mantis Celebration

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MantisFlix 1002!  Join China's Kwongsai Mantis Celebrations!       MantisFlix 1002!  Join China's Kwongsai Mantis Celebrations!

MantisFlix 1002!  Join China'sKwongsai Mantis Celebrations!

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Segmented Power - One

By pressing the centerline of the opponent, sticking to his movement and feeling his intent, the skillful hand can, using small, quick, short, angular jerks and deflections, redirect and create an opening in the opponent while delivering a single devasting blow in a straight line (the shortest quickest distance between two points) to his vital spots. The mantis philosophy is train until within three blows the opponent submits, bleeds or ceases to exist as a threat.

Segmented Power - Two

Segmented Power is based on the ability of the practicer to yield and discharge power based on the opponent's action and reaction. If pushed downward the hand turns to strike upward, if pushed upward the hand turns to strike downward, if pushed inward the hand turns to strike outward, if pushed out the hand strikes inward. As one becomes skillful, his hand learns to adapt to any angle or circumstance. One first roots, develops power, and then attaches eye to eye, hand to hand, heart to heart to his opponent.

Segmented Power - 3

The 18 mantis hands all change in this way without a break in the power and contact of the two people. A is followed by B, C turns to D, etc. At this point, one may simply hold out his hands and they will move and strike without thought. Once contact is made there is no backing up or breaking apart. Become the 18 postures by solo training daily. It is followed by a series of two man forms in which each develops feeling, timing, sensitivity and precision in striking vital areas. The forms are "hands on" and realistic in "continuous fighting".

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