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    Two Man Attributes

    Horse - same / opposite sides
    Hands - short and long sides
    Single, Double, Triple Bridge
    Inside Bridge / Outside Bridge
    Defense Only / Offense Only
    Alternating Defense / Offense
    One Hand Controls Two
    Two Hands Never Control One
    Contact, Control, Strike
    Defend, Attack, Counter
    Simultaneous Defend Attack as 1
    One Ounce Turns 1,000 Pounds

    4 Word Secret

    Hakka Mantis is this:
    Float - Fic (Ping) Shu
    Sink - Bao Shu / Zhang
    Swallow - Gop Shu
    Spit - Jet Shu

    In essence, the 9 Defensive  hands are Swallow and the 9 Offensive are spit.  Float and Sink are functions of posture and ging.

    Physical Traits

    As in any martial art  one must develop Balance, Timing, Speed, Strength, and Coordination.  Balance from stance, Timing from not being afraid, Speed from repitition, Strength from two man live training, coordination from self exertion.  Timing is more important than speed.  The hand going out does not miss the target (timing); the hand coming back always bring something with it (off the opponent).

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