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Description: This Ancient Muscle Tendon Change Qigong has 22 Postures of Tension and Relaxation that will Harmonize the Mind, Body and Breath!
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Oriental Secrets SeriesTM 

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Outer Strength Chi Kung
Ancient Muscle Tendon Change

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The Natural Force within each one of us is the greatest Healer of Disease... Hippocrates

Though he did not know it, Hippocrates was referring to "chi" or healing energy.  Releasing the "chi" within is an age-old practice in the Orient. 

Even today, the ancient calisthenics regime of "Yi Chin Ching" or "muscle tendon change" exercises is revered for its challenging fitness workout and the deep relaxation it provides through "chi".

Developed int he sixth century A.D., the Yi Chin Ching Oriental Secrets of Outer Strength! strengthens muscles, tendons and bones using 22 dynamic postures. 

Instructor Kenneth Michael Terry guides you through the correct posture with precise details of this timeless muscle energy technique. 

Perform these slow  movements with corresponding breathing techniques and feel each muscle's energy  unleashed.  You may also notice a localized heat of the "chi" in the abdomen, hands or feet.  With practice you can direct this warmth to any part of the body.Oriental Secrets of Outer Strength!

These techniques can be tailored to any fitness level.  It is perfect for people of all ages and abilities.  As your strength increases this Yi Chin Ching Outer Strength Qigong will continue to challenge and reward you with a feeling of overall fitness and well being. 

To achieve proper results, you must know the correct formula for breath control - inhale fast, hold, exhale slow, what percentage, how long for each?  Without the key you cannot unlock the door to this IRON BODY Internal Work.

Your Host, Kenneth Michael Terry, has a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science and is a Certified Personal Trainer and expert martial artist.

Oriental Secrets of Outer Strength!

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    Mantis Ging Power

    In martial art we develop ging or refined power after special training. In mantis, the term, ging, is used as an overall word indicating refined strength and each technique or special skill is simply called a "hand". However, each of the 18 mantis basic hands could be called a ging, ie. mor ging, gwak ging, choc ging, sigh ging, etc, because after repeated training one will acquire extraordinary power in this particular motion. Simply stated, each skill or technique when mastered becomes a ging.

    Dead Ging Power

    If one's ging cannot be easily changed according to the opponents reaction power and intent, then it is called "dead power". We see this in many Karate movements where force is met with greater force. It is "dead ging" because once exerted it usually cannot change or re-issue power until it has been regenerated usually by chambering or pulling back the hand as in the reverse punch.

    Live Ging Power

    In contrast, "live power or ging" strikes, sticks to, follows and regenerates power by using the opponents movement. The power is continuous and flowing without the need for pulling back the hand or recoiling the arm. One blow changes to another blow without ever breaking contact and always following the opponents movement. This is refined in Hakka Mantis two man training.

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