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Wong Creates Kwongsai Mantis Museum

Wong Sifu Creates Museum in Pingshan Town

Shenzhen, Guangdong   Feb, 2009 --

Sifu Wong Yu Hua, son of the late Kwongsai Mantis Grandteacher, Wong Yook Gong,
has taken another step to preserve his father's Mantis legacy.  The first floor of his
4 story home, which serves as a medicinal clinic has a new addition - a museum with
relics and memorabilia featuring mantis days past and present.  Although, he states
indeed it is a kind of museum, it is a work in progress and he is slowly transforming
the space which already housed his Mantis Ancestral Shrine into a reliquary

Wong Creates Kwongsai Mantis Museum! 

Documents pertaining to Kwongsai Mantis several generations old line the walls
of Wong Sifu's medicinal clinic and Mantis museum.

Wong Yu Hua Kwongsai Mantis Museum

Featured among those documents (shown top and center) are photos of USA's
late Kwongsai Mantis Lam Wing Fei Sifu during his days at the Hung Mun
Association in NYC.  On both sides of that are photos of the Decatur, AL
school of RDH circa 1997.

Wong Yu Hua Dit Da Clinic

Wong Treats Patients Daily

Wong Sifu's Clinic and museum is located on Peace Street
in Pingshan Town.  Daily from morning until noon, he treats
children and elderly folks with the Kwongsai Mantis Dit Da
medicine and there is no shortage of patients.


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