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China Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu Survey™

China Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu Survey™ eBook
Description: From China, since 2002, a 10 year ongoing Comprehensive Survey of the Origins, History and Practices of Kwongsai, Chu Gar and Iron Ox Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu in Multimedia eBook format. Five Volumes! 376 Pages. 700+ photos. 41 Video Clips. 1,300 files. 100+MB eBOOK!
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  • A 10 Year Ongoing Comprehensive Survey - Southern Mantis Kungfu in China

  • Kwongsai Jook Lum Temple, Hakka Chu Gar and Iron Ox Mantis!

  • Five Volumes in One eBook!  Download Now!

  • A Convenient, Simple and Easy to Use Multimedia eBook!

  • Nothing to lose but your understanding of Southern Mantis in China! Read on

Open the China Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu Survey™ eBook and discover Southern Praying Mantis fact from fiction!  Hear secrets that have never been told openly before!

Return to the very root of Southern Praying Mantis in China! See the Bamboo Forest Temples in Hong Kong, Macau, Kwongsai and Shanxi Provinces.  Discover just where is the East River located and its significance.  Find out what the Three Doors of Southern Mantis are and why.  Discover where Som Dot and Lee Siem Rest in Peace.

Visit Pingshan, the Hometown of Kwongsai Jook Lum Mantis and join a Mantis Celebration.  See never shown before photos of Master Wong Yook Gong, 4th Generation Ancestor.  Read the 1957 written history of Tanglang Pai as passed down from Lee Siem Yuen.  See what Kwongsai Mantis Sifu Wong Yu Hua teaches in China today.  Meet Wong Yook Gong's family and see their Tanglang Skills.

Meet Chung Yel Chong, 3rd Ancestor's son, grandson and daughter and hear what they have to say.  See Chung Yel Chong's manuscripts from the 1930's.  Visit Chung Yel Chong's Medicinal Clinic still operated today by his Grandson.

Meet Iron Chung Bok, aged 95, who visited the opium dens in the 1920's with Chung and Lam Sang and hear what he had to say.  See the Ma Sai District, Pingshan, home to Lam Sang Sifu and Ancestor Chung Yel Chong.  Meet Elder Yao Kam Fat and watch his performances of Three Door, Sticky Hands and Plum Flower Staff.  Interview Elder Yang Gun Ming's family and pay respect.

Join a China Tanglang Reunion Banquet and watch senior and elder demonstrations.  Meet the Elders of Chu Gar who helped Lao Sui open his first school and why Chu Gar is called Mantis today.  See the successor to Lao Sui, the Late Chu Kwong Hua, and his hundreds of students.  Visit Elder Chu Gar Head Master Cheng Wan and join his annual Celebrations.

Watch Iron Ox Mantis Master, Xu Men Fei, perform second door, third door and big red staff in his Ancestral Temple. See Xu Fat Chun, Grandfather of Iron Ox, and hear Great Grandfather Xu Ku's account of a fourth Southern Mantis Style from Som Dot called 'Chung Lo Ku Pai', from Choy Tit Niu.  And much more!

This SURVEY eBook covers all three branches of Southern Praying Mantis in China and makes it easy for you to meet, hear and watch China's Southern Mantis Masters, current and past!  An opportunity you'll never be afforded again - at any price!*

Using this simple, easy and convenient SURVEY multimedia eBook, you'll have instant access to Mantis in China!

You can study the origins, history and practices at your convenience and watch the Master's demos OVER AND OVER AGAIN!

The SURVEY eBook features:

  • 376 HTML Pages - and the pages are larger than hard copy books!

  • More than 700 images and photos of Southern Praying Mantis in China!

  • 41 Windows Media video clips of various Masters performing various Southern Mantis sets!

  • More than 1,300 files in a 100+ Megabyte eBook!

  • Multimedia Interactive - all Volumes are hyperlinked for easy reference!

  • Also includes video clips of the Late Lam Sang's first generation and second generation Disciples demonstrating!

  • Read the late Grandmaster Wong Yook Gong's training creed and discover what his emphasis was in teaching!

  • See Lee Siem's Dit Da bruise medicine recipe - he said, "there is no Kwongsai Mantis without this recipe"!

  • Visit Ancestor Chung Yel Chong's Family and hear what they say!

  • Preview SAMPLE SURVEY PAGES online of each VOLUME.  And watch video! 
    And Much Much More!

The SURVEY eBook covers all this and more.  Order your own PERSONAL COPY that does not expire and keep a permanent record of Southern Praying Mantis as it exists in China on your PC!  Go back to the China Mantis Masters again and again!

China Mantis Survey Even if you are just an arm chair Southern Mantis enthusiast, you'll want this SURVEY.  Having this eBook will not only quickly dispel the myths that surround this martial art, but goes much further - to provide you with the real secrets of the origins, history and practices of Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu in China.

Order today and begin comparing Kwongsai Jook Lum, Chu Gar and Iron Ox Mantis for yourself.  Keep a permanent record on your PC for instant access to the origins, history and practices of this martial art!

Just watching the Master's video demo's and the hundreds of photographs in the SURVEY will reveal many secrets!   Especially, if you are a Mantis student or teacher! 


The SURVEY is NOT my personal opinion about anything - it is an unbiased record of five years direct evidence - a record of the first hand experiences of China's living Southern Praying Mantis Masters - young and old - current and past!  Listen, watch and learn directly from them!

Download now and if you are not happy with the depth of the SURVEY and the information and knowledge presented,
I will promptly return your tuition / payment.

That's more than a guarantee, that's a promise.

Roger D. Hagood
Pingshan, China

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*PS.  $49.95 is a very reasonable price for five years research in China.  
Even if YOU spent lots of time (years) and tens of thousands of dollars in China today, you could not acquire this SURVEY, as many of the elders and much of the material is just no longer available!  Try coming to China and doing it yourself for any price, much less, $49.95!  I'll pick you up at the airport! China Mantis Survey

PPS.  Do you know the kungfu saying, "gee hon hop yit da" - "thought and action must be one"...ACT NOW...ORDER you own PERSONAL COPY  of the China Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu Survey™ and join the Masters in China!

PPPS.  The ONLINE SAMPLE WEB PAGES may load slowly, but the SURVEY eBOOK is instant after the first time you open it on your PC.  And, its a very large eBOOK - 70MB + - That is a big download and may take a little time with patience - but, just think how long it would take if I sent you the SURVEY by Postal Service!   Not minutes but days or weeks!

PPPPS.  Remember!  You have nothing to lose but your understanding of Southern Praying Mantis in China!

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China Survey - Origins, History, Practices of Southern Mantis       China Survey - Origins, History, Practices of Southern Mantis

China Survey - Origins, History, Practices of Southern Mantis

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Hakka Song of Posture

Eyes to eyes, hand to hand, heart to heart - you don't come - I won't start.  You start and I will hit you first and continuously until you bleed.  Hands extended like a beggar, I stand legs like a frog.  Heel to toe, centered and shoulder's width apart.  Pull up the stomach, push down the ribs, elbows sink to the front.

Any and each of the 18 offensive and defensive hands may be used as a bridge and their turning power then used for immediate striking.  See "18 turning powers".


A bridge is any part of the body  used to close the distance to the opponent.  Arm and hands are commonly the bridge.  Single, Double, Triple bridging is possible using hands and feet. 

Three methods are hard bridge (smash thru the opponent); soft bridge (borrowing force); and evasive bridge in which contact with the opponent is avoided or neutralized.

Bridge Tactics

If there exists a bridge then cross the bridge.  If no bridge exists then make a bridge.  If under the bridge then return to the top.  If on top of the bridge stay on top and immediately cross.  Regular training may make one aggressive in nature. And the constant rubbing, feeling, and turning of power acquired during feeding hands gives one confidence to defeat the enemy.

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