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Qigong (Chi Kung) Instruction  RDH - Founder of Pacific Rim Publishing!

I authored and published one of the first, if not the first, Qigong Courses in the USA (and 47 Countries) in 1985 while living in Taiwan.   I let the course fall to the wayside while publishing newsstand magazines, books and videos circa 1990. 

In fact, for several years,  I published two different (right) Qigong newsstand magazines that reached some 15 Countries worldwide!   Now I'm bringing back the Chi Kung Correspondence!   And after ten years of sitting on the shelf, I'm bringing back the Oriental Secrets Video Series that I produced circa 1999!

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Tens of Thousands of Students in more than 47 Countries since 1985!
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A video collection of Traditional Oriental Fitness Exercises!   
Six Healing Sounds, Outer Strength, Inner Strength,
Qigong for Better Health,  and Heavenly Circulation of Chi

Further Reading About Qigong

Breath Control and Internal Work

The philosophy of Taoism was a way of life in ancient China. Taoists dwelled in the mountains and forests to observe, listen and meditate, gathering a deeper understanding and greater knowledge of nature generally beyond the reach of human society.  Thus in search of longevity, Taoists moved from observation of nature to experimentation and development.  Preparation of a strong, healthy body led to the development of Taoist breathing exercises. 

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Visit the first Taoist Pope, Chang Tao Ling's numerous Palaces
on Dragon Tiger Mt., Jiangxi Province - See Volume Four!

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The First Taoist Pope had many Mansions on Dragon Tiger Mountain, Kwongsai Province

For literally thousands of years, Taoists practiced and developed various breathing techniques to improve, correct, and heal sicknesses of the vital organs in the human body.  These exercises are considered a superior method and one of the valuable aspects of Chinese martial arts to achieve longevity and
live in good health.

The Taoists' basic theory of focusing on the importance of breathing air and circulating it in the human body is simply based on the fact that the whole universe depends on air.  Man may live three weeks without food, a week without water, but six minutes without air produces irreversible damage.  Without air, there is no life.  Mastering various breathing techniques and inhaling plenty of pure air gives more strength, generates circulation of blood, and enhances energy, vitality, and spirit.  Chi Kung is not a panacea for all ailments or disease, but regular consistent training of the breath will prevent sickness and is conducive to good health and longevity.  With a healthy, strong body one can control one's mind to determine one's life.

The Tien Tao systematic breathing exercise plan is developed in nine levels (4 methods each level).  Levels 1-3, movements and exercises will help to prevent and eliminate sickness and prolong a healthy life.  Levels 4-6, movements and exercises will return youthfulness and develop and circulate the Chi energy.  The upper levels 7-9, will help tranquilize the mind and harmonize the will, thus achieving longevity with a strong and healthy body and mind.  Daily deep systematic breathing leads to 
harmony of body and mind.

The Tien Tao Introductory Documents will give you a total concept of Chi Kung Internal Work.  When you grasp Chi Kung's fundamental philosophy you will then grasp how it will build up your endurance and capacity.  Breathing a greater volume of air increases blood flow which increases strength and energy.  The exercises will eliminate fat and strengthen the stomach and abdomen.  Air is concentrated in the abdomen and directed to circulate to all sections of the body and will nourish the five major vital organs; heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, and spleen.  It will also strengthen the bones and muscles of arms and legs, thereby improving the tone of the skin.  It is considered a superior method and art by which an individual can physically develop their body while at the same time discipline their mind.  Like acupuncture, much is yet to be understood why the techniques are so highly effective.  These ancient methods bear the time honored proof of practice and results.

Chi Kung has been extensively researched in China since 1950.  Today it is commonly referred to as Breathing Exercise Therapy.  Several International symposia were held during the 70's.  Modern scientific instruments have gauged Chi as electro-magnetic waves, static electricity, and infra-red microwave radiation.  Definite changes in normal physiological activities can be measured in those who undergo breathing exercise therapy (Chi Kung).  General therapeutic effects are seen in the adjusting action on the cerebral cortex, nervous systems, and cardio-vascular system.

Results show:

synchronization of brain alpha waves of 8 hertz frequency

respiratory tidal volume and vital capacity are increased

oxygen consumption decreases 30%

energy metabolism decreases 20%

Chi Kung breathing therapy has proven effective in prevention and cure of:

peptic ulcer


coronary heart disease


pulmonary tuberculosis


On the basis of modern scientific knowledge, most of the physiological changes effected can be explained, however there still remains an uncertainty to the nature of meridians and vital energy. 

Get started today!  This is real Ancient Internal Breath Control not just a waving of hands calisthenic exercise commonly seen today!

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And Remember!  Real Qi Circulation is the Root of All Martial Arts!


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SPM 18 Hands

Southern Mantis has 18 basic "Lohan or Buddha" hands. They must be trained by two people in eight ways. We also speak of 18 Points and 18 Changes. There are additional hands one can find in the two man sets but are not considered basic skills. Hakka Mantis begins and ends with defense, although defend and attack may be simultaneous.

9 Defensive

Mor Sao - Grinding
Gwak - Sweeping
Choc - Opening
Sai - Rolling
Sik - Eating
Jik - Slicing
Pak - Slapping
Lop - Grabbing
Gop - Clasping

9 Offensive

Jet - Straight
Bao - Covering
Bil - Exploding
Ping - Flicking
Jung - Uppercutting
Chop - Poking
Gao - Hammering
Fun - Elbowing
Han - Triple attack

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