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 Non Mantis - RDH

I've had a rich martial art experience and have been able to make with friends or acquaintances with numerous teachers!  Here is a short list.

Taipei, Taiwan 1983
RDH and Lin SY.  The characters read
"I love external and internal Kungfu"
Lin was a Xing Yi player

Liang Shou Yu Sifu - RDH
I think the year was 1987 and Liang Shou Yu, Lin (Left) and I penned a Liangong paperback book.  Liang was staying at my home and I visited him in Vancouver. 

Circa 1987 Horseplay with Big John - RDH. It is true the big they are, the harder they fall - but also the harder they hit! Big John was 7'3" and growing!

Beijing 1989
Wu Bin (L) is Jet Lee's teacher and Mr. Xu Cai, President of the China Wushu Association, RDH.  Mr. Xu was a great benefactor to me and instrumental in the Martial Arts of China magazines.


Beijing 1989
Cai Long Yun Sifu - RDH
Cai Sifu demonstrated Chinese Kungfu at the Olympic games in 1936 hosted by Adolph Hitler in Berlin Germany as representative of the Chinese Government.  

Beijing 1990
Zhang Wen Guang Sifu - RDH
Professor Zhang also demonstrated Wushu at the 1936
Olympic Games in Berlin Germany.  He was advisor to my magazines and vice-president of the China Wushu Assn.

Beijing 1991
Meishan Pai, Hunan Province - Sifu Yan Xi Zheng - RDH
Yan Sifu leased a military base and had 3,600 students.  He was featured in my MAC magazines.

1992 Beijing
RDH teaching Yan (L) Sifu's students
in Tien Tan Park.

1992 Beijing
RDH teaching Yan (L) Sifu's students
in Tien Tan Park.

1984 Kaoshiung, Taiwan
L) Chu Hong Bin, Cheng Man Ching chief disciple, Tang Chien Hua and RDH.  I previously taught Yang Tai Chi at the University of AL and created a South Mantis Club at the University of MN.

1985 Tomfoolery in Taiwan
Colonel Chiang, Taiwan Missile Command



1990 San Fran - Sifu Adam Hsu
It was my great pleasure to make friends with Adam, although, we've lost touch now.  If you know how to reach him
please let me know.


San Fran 1991 - Sifu Chan Pui
I trained at Sifu Chan's temple in Orlando back in 1981 or so when the bunk beds were still made of raw wood and the kitchen was a hot plate.  Here I am presenting Chan Sifu with a plaque from the Martial Arts of China Historical Society.

San Fran 1990 Madame Bow Sim Mark. I would have married Madame but her husband wouldn't agree.  I first visited Madame Mark in 1973 Boston.

San Fran 1991 Qigong Mantak Chia. When I created the Tien Tao program it was just Mr. Chia and I promoting the benefits of Qigong.  He appeared on my Qigong magazine Cover Spring 1992.

 San Fran 1990 Tat Mau Wong Sifu
Once when Tat visited my offices with Anthony Goh, he snickered this white guy knows kungfu!  I asked him to give me a try!  He was a regular in my magazines.

San Fran 1992 - Sensei Wally Jay
 Wally grabbed me by the thumb and said this is your lucky day - the first time we met.  I laughed and put him on the cover of my DOJO magazine Fall 1992.

1991 San Fran - Legendary Sensei Richard Kim
Kim Sensei was one of the good ones!  He once mailed me a poignant poem he had written about his dog's passing.  I think I still have it somewhere.  He too was on the cover of DOJO.

1990 Beijing - late Qin Qing Feng Sifu
A true inheritor of the 5 Step 8 Method Shaolin and one of the most powerful teacher's I've known.  His father was a general back in the Republican days of China.

1993 Beijing - Zhao Min Hua Sifu
Combat Ba Gua Zhang.  One of the few people that could truly project heat from his hands - but only less than six inches from you.  Not from a distance.

1992 Hong Kong - late Lee Koon Hong Sifu
Choy Li Fut.  Choy Sifu was renowned in HK.  He passed much too too early.

1992?  San Fran - Ming Lum Sifu
Lum Sifu was a true ambassador of Kungfu.  He used to send
me regularly boxes of chocolate macadamia nuts from Hawaii!  He
was on the cover of my Kungfu Wushu magazine.  I miss him these
days and don't know if he survives.

1993?  San Fran - Hong Zhong Nan Sifu
Wu Style Tai Chi from Shanghai.  Hong Sifu was a good friend. 
Once I was having dinner with him and his wife at their home. 
We were outside watching the ducks swim. 
He said he had been trying to catch one for dinner. 
I took a piece of bread and threw it at a distance and then  closer
and closer to myself.  When the duck was between my
legs I just used "kim yung ma" to catch
it by the head!  But, we let it go. Not for dinner!

1993 San Fran  - Y.C. Chiang Sifu
Fukien White Crane.  Dr. Chiang was a gentleman and a scholar.  I regret only being
acquainted as his style and mantis jibe.
He was on my Kungfu Magazine cover
Winter 1993.

1980 Huntsville - Professor Chi Kuan Wen
My second but primany Tai Chi teacher and
Taiwan benefactor.  He was a personal friend
and associate of Cheng Man Ching.  Perhaps
someday I'll write a book about his exploits!

Professor Chi Kuan Wen - RDH
I followed Prof Chi with dedication
for 10 years religiously - thats a metaphor,
no religion just straight Tai Chi.
I miss Prof. Chi.

I should probably start training again!  I'm gaining weight! 
Levity - Its not me, RDH, but the picture is real!
*Don't take life too seriously!
It'll be over soon enough.

There is much more contained in the China Survey eBook.  Get your copy.

I opened my first martial art school in the mid 1970's teaching Hawiian Kenpo.  Since, I've had schools of various size in numerous places the world over.  I'm expecting students from the UK, Australia and the USA this year or early next and I currently teach privately in Hong Kong and China.  Let me know if you are coming and I'll pick you up at the airport!

There is much more contained in the China Survey eBook.  Get your copy.

And Maintain your brother-frienships!

I literally have 10x more information that has never been released!  Check back regularly and as time permits I will continue to blossom and share Som Dot's Hakka Praying Mantis with you!

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