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1989 San Fran - Sifu Gene Chen introduced me to one of his teachers - Choy Kam Man Sifu, chief disciple of Yip Sui, 1957.  I trained  Chow Gar (Yip Sui Gar) with Choy Sifu
for a couple of years..

Choy Sifu and I often kept company until his passing.  Bow Sim Mark (left) accompanied me to visit Sifu this day.

Choy Sifu's father was a 007 agent in the 1930's China and chief disciple of Yang Cheng Fu's Tai Chi.  Sifu was known as King of Tai Chi in San Fran Chinatown.  Today, his son, Frankie is third generation from Yang Cheng Fu still teaching.

Henry Wong, Aged 60 
1990 San Fran - Chinese Mason, Student of Lam Sang NYC.  I would often visit to learn and exhange with him.  His enthusiasm for 'Monkey' Lam Sang never waned.  He gave me several professionally made of these photos which have now been widely distributed.

1990 Hong Kong - As student of Gene Chen and Choy Sifu, (both who were students of Yip Sui), I occasionally visited Yip Sifu as emissary carrying letters and videos.  I have published his articles in my magazines.

A young Yip Sui Sifu.  He pulled this photo out of his cabinet and wrote a letter for me.  Unfortunately, I seem to
have lost the letter over the years of here and there.

1990 Hong Kong - Dong Yat Long Sifu
Dong Sifu was Gene Chen's primary Chu Gar teacher and my grandteacher.

Dong Sifu and his son appeared in several Hong Kong
Martial Art magazines showing
Chu Gar Gao.

Dong Sifu Chu Gar Mantis
Shadow Hand

1991 circa, Pingshan Town, China
I visited Kwong Sai Mantis Sifu Wong Yu Hua, son of Wong Yook Kong and bridged friendship between Lam Sang Sifu's NYC pai and the China side.  Still going strong today!

1991 Hong Kong - Made brother-friendship with Sifu Lee Kok Leung that remains today.  Just last December I stopped by and he gave me a red envelope with cash!  I'm not sure if he wanted me to get married or just appreciated my work!  I appreciate Lee Sifu and will stop by and see him next month
(not for a red envelope)!



1992  New Jersey
Louie Jack Man Sifu, Sibok Harry Sun (Lam Sang 1st Generation Disciple) and I keep company at Harry's NJ home.  Harry was a great mantis benefactor and teacher of mine.  He played an instrumental part in the bringing up of Lam Sang Sifu's second generation of personal discples.  He is sorely missed.


Sun Sibok over the years also taught my students.  And they mowed his lawn, trimmed his trees and shovelled his snow!

Sun Bok's fingers were like steel wrapped in cotton. 
They could poke a hole in a tree!

Harry Sibok was a very traditional martial artist
and very old fashioned Chinese!

Although, Harry Sibok could have retired at any time, he chose a simple life and to keep working every day as a Specialty Chef for the US Army.

Sun Sibok was a walking encyclopedia of
Lam Sang's teaching and history.  He would have succeeded Lam Sang if not for a simple twist of fate.

Harry Sibok drove the 2,000 mile journey to visit my school
and on the way back we had driven for hours.  He asked me what kind of kungfu he was now practicing.  What I asked? 
Iron Ass technique he replied!  RIP.

There is a four decade plus Southern Mantis Storyline Here - Keep Reading!
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