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1993 New York City - Sibok Jesse Eng
Harry Sibok introduced me to his fellow Lam Sang Disciple and Brother, Jesse.  Eng Sibok was one of the seven people who lived in one apartment with Lam Sang in the 1950's.

Today, I keep regular contact with Eng Sibok.  He sometimes comes to Hong Kong and we went to the Tsuen Wan Jook Lum Temple together several years back. 

Eng Sibok (and Harry) also trained in Chow Gar (Yip Sui Gar).  Eng Bok is a veteran of the Vietnam War.

Over the years, there has been a semblance of Lam Sang's brotherhood continued.  Louie Sifu, Eng Bok and I enjoyed company over a meal in Philadelphia.

Streets of Philadelphia - Louie Sifu, Eng Bok and RDH
I forget which year this was.

Jesse Sibok with his family also visited my school.  It was a memorable visit that my students didn't soon forget.  Eng Sibok is a true gentleman and family man.

1993 New York City
Harry and Jesse Siboks introduced me to Wong Bak Lim.  Wong Bok is the "dai si hing" first disciple of the first generation of Lam Sang's teaching. (RDH and Jesse Eng Sibok rear)

Wong Bak Lim Sibok (seated) maintains an archive of
palladia from Lam Sang still today.  (RDH and Harry Sun Sibok)

RDH and Bak Lim Sibok
Bak Lim and the 1st Generation of Lam Sifu's disciples were
instrumental in the second generation learning at the
Chinese Freemason Club.

Although, I have not returned to the USA in 10 years, I call Bak Lim Sibok and on occasion I have called him so that our China Kwongsai Mantis Brothers can chat with him.

circa 1995, after some 50 years Lam Sang's disciples still
kept brother-friendship. 



NYC - Bak Lim, Jesse, Harry and RDH. I think this was the last time we four got together circa 1995.   Unfortunately, now Harry has passed. But, Jesse is coming back in 2011 and we will meet up in Hong Kong.  I hope that Bak Lim will come along with him!

When I closed my San Fran school and moved east in 1993, I opened a new branch in AL and Jesse and Harry Siboks
both visited this school!

On Average this shool had about 30-40 who showed up.  Many learned mantis well and related stories of how the teaching had benefitted them and even some related self-defense situations they survived because of their training.

Some received the transmission.
Some have given it back!

RDH Teaching in Philadelphia
During the 90's I held several mantis seminars in the USA.

RDH teaching in Boston
During the 90's I held several mantis seminars.

I closed the TN school circa 1997.

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