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Chu Kwong Hua - Successor to Lao Sui - Chu Gar Mantis
In 2002, I returned to China.

I sought out Cheng Wan Sifu again.  Cheng Sifu was
successor to Chu Kwong Hua and head of Chu Gar
in Hong Kong.

Cheng Sifu held annual Chu Gar Celebrations
once a year for some 35 years.  Above,
RDH plays mantis at the 2002

Cheng Sifu and RDH at one of the annual celebrations. Although, hundreds of people attended, Cheng Sifu always made me a guest of honor!

Refer to Volume 5 of the
China Mantis Survey eBook
for an indepth look at
Hakka Chu Gar Mantis.
Cheng Sifu was always last to play!

In 2002, Cheng Sifu appointed me 108th Chairman of the
Chu Gar Mantis Association.  A few years back, at his request I made disciple (tea) ceremony to him.  I introduced European, Australian and Amercians who became his student.  When he passed this year, he not only left me with Chu Gar mantis charged with the Shrine, he left me some 200 hours of video going back to 1950!  RIP.

2002 Pingdi Village, China
My brother-friend Sifu Wong Yu Hua (L)
accompanied me to visit Iron Ox Mantis
teacher Xu Men Fei.  Xu Sifu's grandfather
was well known along the East River.

Xu Men Fei Sifu performs Iron Ox three door set
in their Ancestral Temple which houses
Monk Som Dot's shrine.
For Interview and Videos Refer to Volume 3 of the
China Mantis Survey eBook

2002 Dan Sui City, China
Wong Sifu (R) and RDH pay a visit to Chung Wei Fei, grandson
of Lam Sang's teacher, Chung Yel Chong.
Read the Interview and Watch the Videos.
China Mantis Survey eBook

2002, Longgang, China
Wong Sifu (L), RDH and assistant Mr. Lam (R)
pay a visit to Elder Sifu Yao Kam Fat, Kwongsai Mantis.
Mr. Yao related many incidents of the past, especially regarding Chu Gar Gao and Jook Lum Tanglang. In the 1940's, Yao and Wong Yook Gong went to Lao Sui's Chu Gar School to pay a friendly visit.

Yao Sifu and RDH


Yao Sifu and RDH

The late Master Wong Yook Gong, Hong Kong circa 1960
His son, Wong Yu Hua has been a driving force in the
China Mantis Survey!

Wong Yao Hong, also son of Yook Gong
WIthout Wong Yu Hua Sifu's contributions, I don't think
I could have completed the China Survey. 

2004 Pingshan Town RDH
Sifu Wong Yu Hua hosted the 35th
Anniversary of his father, Yook Gong.
Hundreds were in attendance
and unicorns and kungfu played in the street.

2004 Pingshan Town Celebration
Sifu Patrick Lee Demos Kwongsai Mantis
China Mantis Survey eBook
Volume One

2004 Pingshan Town Celebration
Sifu Wong from Wong Jing Ping School
 Demos Kwongsai Mantis

2004 Pingshan Town Celebration
Wong Yao Hong, Son of Yook Gong
 Demos Kwongsai Mantis

There is a four decade plus Southern Mantis Storyline Here - Keep Reading!
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Hakka Chu Gar Forms

There were four original forms:
Som Bo Gin
Som Gin Yiu Kiu
Som Bond Ging Tan
Fut Sao Buddha Hand

Hakka Chu Gar Expanded

By the mid 1950s the Chu Gar included:
Jik Bo
Som Bo
Som Bo Gao Choy
Ying Chum Sao
Som Gin Yu Sao
Say Mun Bao Zhang
Som Yu Som Fung
Gan Tan Ging
Chut Bo Tui
Som Gong Bo
Sup Bot Mo Jung
Fut Sao

Last Transmission

The late Cheng Wan Sifu was head of Chu Gar in Hong Kong. His transmission was:
Som Bo Gin
Som Gin Yu Sao
Say Mun Jin Jing
Say Mun Tou Da
Ng Tong Long Xia Shan Fu

Cheng Sifu passed December 2009 at 86. He was one generation removed from Lao Sui.

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