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 Page 6 - RDH Abridged* Photo Gallery

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Iron Uncle Chen Gong - Aged 95
I had the pleasure to interview Uncle Chen over
breakfast.  Circa 1927, Uncle Chung persuaded Chung Yel Chong to teach him "Chin Chop Sao," of the Kwongsai Mantis.  Soon, Chung Yel Chong opened his first Kwongsai Mantis Tong in Pingshan Town, the Shang Mo Tong, Highest Martial Hall, and accepted other students including Lam Sang and Wong Yook Gong.

Wong Sifu and Uncle Chen having breakfast cigarettes.
Uncle Chen said the smoking was going to get him one day and he was going to quit!  Uncle Chung remembered that around 1930, a senior student of Lao Sui's Chu Gar accompanied by 9 junior students, came from Hong Kong and tried to open a school in the Pingshan area.  Uncle Chen seemed blissfully happy with a permanent smile.  Sadly, he too has since passed.  RIP. 

2002, Huizhou, China - China Mantis Reunion
At the behest of Wong Yu Hua Sifu, this gathering included those who in the 1930's and 40's, were among the in-crowd of Chu Gar and Iron Ox, as well as, Kwongsai Mantis.  Some having studied all three branches of Som Dot's teaching, did not hesitate to speak of the past or show their hand.  See the following pics.

Elder Sifu Lok Wei Ping - Aged 80+
His movements were not flowery and one could see that he stressed function over form.  Both he and his father were students of Lao Sui's Chu Gar before studying Kwongsai Mantis with Master Wong Yook Gong.

Refer to Volume 2 of the
China Mantis Survey eBook
for an indepth look.
Lok Sifu demonstrated the three form and
34 Plum Blossom staff full sets without
missing a breath!

Lok Sifu and his father studied Chu Gar with Lao Sui more than 8 years circa 1930.  He states that Lao Sui never mentioned Kwongsai mantis, only speaking of Chu Gar, until after the incident in which Wong Yook Gong had defeated Lao Sui's student. They became Wong's students thereafter.


Lai Wei Keung, Sifu, was not shy about Mantis. He was one of the first to be certified as a Mantis Sifu by Wong Yook Gong.  Both he and his father, were also
Lao Sui's Chu Gar disciples.


Lai Wei Keung, Sifu, was the first instructor at Wong Yook Gong's Shang Mo Tong (Highest Martial Hall) in Pingshan, 1948.

Lai Sifu started training Chu Gar Tanglang, at the age of 10, under the tutelage of Mr. Yang Sao at the Guanyin Temple, Bok Lo in Huiyang (Wai Yearn).  Yang Sao was one of the Chu Gar teachers of Lao Sui.

At various times during the China Mantis Reunion, nearly everyone was mantis boxing all at once.  Among the discussions were 4 Door and 8 Door sets.
Wong Yu Hua expounds 8 Door.

Yu Hua demonstrates 4 Door begins on the left foot and 8 Door begins on the right.  8 Door patterns include shifting the feet at 90 degree angles without stepping.


8 Door (Ba Gua) shifting patterns.  Wong Yu Hua's
Kwongsai Mantis is considered
standard frame in China.

Click picture for motion file 

Mr. Lau Say Kay was quick to show his hand.
His slim and wiry frame looked good in mantis.

Mr. Lau's father and he, both studied
Kwongsai Mantis under the late
master Wong Yook Gong.

I found Mr. Lau's ging
wasn't stable in crossing hands.

As guest of honor, RDH was also asked
to bring out Mantis and I demonstrated
Kwongsai Mantis and a bit of Chu Gar.

In crossing hands I found that
rooting is most important to transfer
power to the fingertips.

The Mantis old timers got a kick out of
a young RDH at age 45!  Literally!
I'm 54 next month (Sept 2010)!

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As you can see if you followed this storyline page by page, there was a lot of cross over between the people and the three branches of Hakka Mantis, in China and the USA.  I'm not sure if it was coincidence, like mindedness, or that silver thread that binds all things together.

Kwongsai Jook Lum Forms

Wong Yook Gong Sifu (1916-1968) taught circa 1960:
Single Arm Form
Two Arms Form
Three Scissors Shaking Bridge
Four Doors Fist Form
Flexible Fists and Feet Form
Refining the Bridge Form
Strike a Sandbag Form
Uncommon Form Method
Eight Doors Fighting Form
Plum Flower Form

Kwongsai Jook Lum Forms

Wong Yu Hua Sifu; son of Wong Yook Gong teaches today:
Single Arm Buddha Hand
Double Arm Buddha Hand
Three Steps Three Scissors
Four Doors
San Jian Yao Shou
Eight Doors
Plum Flower Fist; Forms 1-2

Kwongsai Jook Lum Forms

Lam Sang (Lam Wing Fei) Sifu in New York City taught his first generation of disciples circa 1958:
Som Bo Gin
Sup Bot Dim 18
7 Point Fist (Chut Dim Siem Kuen)
108 Yup Bot Ling Bot

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