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Bruce Lee Statue to Rival New York's Liberty

Foshan, China, September 2010

Chinese artists in Foshan, a city in
Guangdong province, are creating a red painted 30 meter (90 feet) tall eight-legged sculpture of kung fu legendBruce Lee 90 Foot Tall Bruce Lee, which they hope would eventually be recognised as a landmark very much like the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbour.

According to the
China Daily, the ceramic statue depicts an eight-legged Bruce Lee, known as Li Xiaolong
in Chinese, balancing world famous monuments on each foot. These include the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, Shanghai's Oriental Pearl Tower, and the Bird's Nest, or National Olympic Stadium, in Beijing.

"We hope it can compete with the Statue of Liberty.  But our sculpture, 'The Kung Fu God of 1,000 Legs', is meant to symbolize Chinese wisdom, creativity and health," an artist Shu Yong, said.

It took 100 people six months to complete the sculpture, because of its complexity and size of the ceramics.  Lee, the star of the 1973 cult hit 'Enter the Dragon', was born in
San Francisco but has ancestral Bruce Lee 90 Foot Tall links to Foshan.  The towering sculpture, which looks like a stop-motion capture of Lee
doing one of his explosive high kicks, is expected to be ready by 2011. 

"We are taking it to the
Guggenheim Museum (in Manhattan) next year as part of a grand world tour," Yong

Foshan, the city in Guangdong province where the sculpture is being made, bills itself as the home of Chinese kung fu. In reality, it competes with several other Chinese towns and provinces for kung fu bragging rights, notably the Shaolin monastery in Henan province.

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Centerline Theory

Centerline theory is military science, ie pistol training. To stop a man dead in his tracks, destroy the brain; Secondary target, the heart, although the agressor may continue to live 6 minutes and fight 3 of them.  The next weakest links in the chain of life are the internal organs.  All these lie on the center line. In mantis, the forearms and elbows are used to protect the centerline.


Hands - A Pair of Doors

Open the doors you expose the centerline, close the doors and you protect it.  Above the solar plexus is the upper gate, between it and the groin is the middle gate and below the groin is the lower gate. Opening and closing the centerline, you use hands I use hands, you use feet, I use feet.


Mantis Posture

Practitioners emulate the mantis fighting posture by extending their hands forward, with the
elbows slightly bent and tucked in close to protect the centerline - like a mantis. The feet are separated by the distance of about 18-24 inches, shoulder width apart, with the bent lead leg supporting most of the weight, while the slightly curved leg acts as a strut..


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