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Dr. Han Chih Lu - Taiwan Hakka Mantis Contact

Taiwan Cardiologist and Sifu Promotes Hakka Mantis

Dr. Han Chih Lu - Taiwan Hakka Mantis Contact
Dr. Simon Han, bottom left.

April 2012/ May 2012 News Column --

Dr. Simon Han, Taiwan Cardiologist and Weng Chun Boxing teacher, recently visited RDH in Pingshan Town for further Hakka Mantis training.  During his stay he also visited Wong Yu Hua Sifu's Pingshan Town Kwongsai Mantis museum.  He shared his extensive knowlege of Taiwan martial art and history going back decades.  You may contact Dr. Han directly by email to discuss Taiwan martial art and for Hakka Mantis training in Taipei, Taiwan - Email Dr. Han here.

Unicorn and Hakka Mantis Handed Down

Pingshan Government News

Pingshan Town has an intangible cultural heritage of skills and ingenuity that is intricate. It exists in the word of mouth from generation to generation, and is delivered hand to hand. It is the Hakka Unicorn Dance and as fourth generation descendent, Sifu Wong Yu Hua teaches a positive course for young people with only one purpose - to allow people to learn more of the Hakka folk arts.

Wong Yu Hua Sifu - Guang Wu Tang
Sifu Wong Yu Hua and the Pingshan Guang Wu Tang - Martial Hall of Wong Yuk Kong!

On March 27, the "Guangwu Tang" or (Wong Yuk Gong's) Martial Hall banner and triangular black flag with inlaid gold fluttered near the government offices as drum and cymbals sound the Hakka tunes for the Unicorn to dance.  In the middle of the crowd sits their thin, elderly, 52 years aged, Sifu or teacher with a look of calm but domineering influence.  He is Wong Yu Hua, President of the China Kwongsai Jook Lum Temple Mantis Kungfu Association and his group demonstrations are a common martial arts scene in the area.

As he greeted reporters, to one side are his disciples who personally demonstrate the essentials of each action.  A secondary school boy, Zeng Zhipeng, at his side is ecstatic.   Master Wong called for performance and Zeng Zhipeng holding the unicorn head sprang into action and each action of the Unicorn dance was solid without even a little superfluous motion.   Wong states, "In fact, before Zhipeng is was very introverted, but since attending the 'unicorn dance' training course, like most people, he has changed. He has even drawn a unicorn painting and gave it to me."  About this disciple, Master Wong had the look of pride!.

On important occasions, such as weddings, major festivals, worship, grand openings and such,  Wong's troupe is invited to carry out unicorn dance performances to bring blessing, good weather, happiness, peace and prosperity.  As an authority on this most important Hakka tradition, Wong Yu Hua, has been awarded the "municipal Intangible Cultural Heritage award" in 2009.

The Unicorn is a sacred animal in ancient legends.   Compared to the heavy Lion head the unicorn is only 3.3 pounds, 3.93 m long and 1.33 meters wide--light and slim.   It takes two people, one person dancing the unicorn head and one dances the tail.  The two act in harmony, bringing to life the unicorn in joy, anger, sorrow, surprise, doubt, dance, sleep and drunken skits.  Visit our video sharing site and click on "Unicorn" to view the Hakka Unicorn Dance in detail.

The Unicorn troupe consists of 19 people and recently the Guang Wu Tang troupe of Sifu Wong Yu Hua, in one fell swoop, won the Guangdong Province Gold Medal award in the innovation group competition.  More to come in the future on the 3 part, 4 season, 5 element, 7 rhythm, 8 step pattern of the Unicorn which expresses the year in 24 solar periods.

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Kwongsai Jook Lum Forms

Wong Yook Gong Sifu (1916-1968) taught circa 1960:
Single Arm Form
Two Arms Form
Three Scissors Shaking Bridge
Four Doors Fist Form
Flexible Fists and Feet Form
Refining the Bridge Form
Strike a Sandbag Form
Uncommon Form Method
Eight Doors Fighting Form
Plum Flower Form

Kwongsai Jook Lum Forms

Wong Yu Hua Sifu; son of Wong Yook Gong teaches today:
Single Arm Buddha Hand
Double Arm Buddha Hand
Three Steps Three Scissors
Four Doors
San Jian Yao Shou
Eight Doors
Plum Flower Fist; Forms 1-2

Kwongsai Jook Lum Forms

Lam Sang (Lam Wing Fei) Sifu in New York City taught his first generation of disciples circa 1958:
Som Bo Gin
Sup Bot Dim 18
7 Point Fist (Chut Dim Siem Kuen)
108 Yup Bot Ling Bot

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