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Sifu Louie Jack Man Passes at 81

A Root and Standard of Southern Mantis Gone in Philadelphia

Dec 2011/ Jan 2012 News Column --

Louie Sifu has passed.  He set a standard for Kwongsai Mantis that few lived up to.  Sifu said he would wait for all of us in the shade of the Peach tree on the other side.  He appreciated each and everyone of us and it made him happy when I spoke of your interest in Mantis to him.  I talked with him regularly for the last ten years from China.

Besides us, his Mantis clan, Sifu is survived by his longtime wife, Kin, good son, Barry, and daughter, Shirley.

View a photo gallery of his basic skills teaching here.

I was Louie Sifu's first student in the USA.  Read about how I met him here.

In the late 1970's and 80's Louie Sifu travelled with his students up and down the East Coast of the USA promoting and teaching Southern Praying Mantis.  During the 1990s and even up to his passing he continued to promote and teach.

Louie Sifu will be sorely missed by many.  Those who trained with him should do their best to blossom the Art and carry forward his teaching.

Yao Kam Fat, Hakka Sifu, Passes Too

Elder Yao Passes at 91 in Dragon Hill, Guangdong, China

Elder Yao was a student of Wong Yuk Kong's Kwongsai Jook Lum Temple Mantis.  Yao Sifu related many incidents of the past, especially regarding Chu Gar Gao and Jook Lum Tanglang.

In the 1940's, Yao and Wong Yook Gong went to Lao Sui's Chu Gar School to pay a friendly visit.   At the time, Lao Sui's first student, tried to fight with Wong Yook Gong but within a few steps was knocked down.  This incident was said to have brought harmony between Chu Gar Gao and the Jook Lum Tanglang.  Yao Sifu was a living treasure of Hakka Mantis in China and was his self, Hakka Chinese.

Further reading here Kwongsai Mantis Interviews - Survey eBook.

Dr. Choon Jek Ang, PhD, Revisits Hakka Mantis Roots in China

Dr. Ang Revisits Hakka Mantis in China

Choon Jek at the Dawan Hakka Museum in Pingshan Town - Hometown of Kwongsai Mantis.

In the past month, I’ve heard many interesting stories of Sifu Louie Jack Man and Elder Yao.  I’m saddened by the passing of both.  They both contributed immeasurably to spreading and preserving the fine Hakka heritage of Southern Praying Mantis.  Their passing is a great loss to the Southern Praying Mantis community. It is my hope to spread Hakka Mantis further in Australia after I return in March 2012...Choon Jek Ang, PhD

Dr. Ang Revisits Hakka Mantis in China

Main entrance to Dawan Hakka Museum, Pingshan Town

Wong Yu Hua Sifu Updates Kwongsai Mantis Museum

Make a special trip to visit Wong Yu Hua Sifu in Pingshan Town

Wong Yu Hua Sifu Kwongsai Mantis Museum

Wong Yu Hua Sifu Kwongsai Mantis Museum

Wong Yu Hua Sifu Kwongsai Mantis Museum

Wong Yu Hua Sifu Kwongsai Mantis Museum

Wong Yu Hua Sifu Kwongsai Mantis Museum
RDH and Wong Yu Hua Sifu in the Pingshan Mantis Museum!

Wong Yu Hua Sifu Kwongsai Mantis Museum
Wong Yu Hua Sifu Today Teaches Hakka Unicorn and his Father's Kwongsai Mantis

Wong Yu Hua Sifu Kwongsai Mantis Museum
Wong Yu Hua Sifu Receives "Intangible Cultural Heritage Award" from China Government

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Hakka Chu Gar Forms

There were four original forms:
Som Bo Gin
Som Gin Yiu Kiu
Som Bond Ging Tan
Fut Sao Buddha Hand

Hakka Chu Gar Expanded

By the mid 1950s the Chu Gar included:
Jik Bo
Som Bo
Som Bo Gao Choy
Ying Chum Sao
Som Gin Yu Sao
Say Mun Bao Zhang
Som Yu Som Fung
Gan Tan Ging
Chut Bo Tui
Som Gong Bo
Sup Bot Mo Jung
Fut Sao

Last Transmission

The late Cheng Wan Sifu was head of Chu Gar in Hong Kong. His transmission was:
Som Bo Gin
Som Gin Yu Sao
Say Mun Jin Jing
Say Mun Tou Da
Ng Tong Long Xia Shan Fu

Cheng Sifu passed December 2009 at 86. He was one generation removed from Lao Sui.

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