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Happy New Year of the Dragon
January 23 - February 6, 2012
Chinese Lunar Year 4080

Feb 2012 News Column --

Hat Yi Sao - Beggar's Hand Essay

16 Variations of the Hakka Mantis "On Guard" Position - View Here

Dr. Ang CJ, Hakka Chinese from Australia, training Kwongsai Jook Lum Temple and Chu Gar Mantis with RDH in Pingshan Town, China during the Year of the Dragon!   More here!

Chu Gar Mantis Interview - Sifu Cheng Chiu

South Mantis and Wing Chun Meet for an Interview in Hong Kong

R-L) Dr. Ang, RDH, Cheng Chiu, Sgt. Kong of Hong Kong Police

Interview and Video

I, RDH, accompanied by Dr. Ang paid a visit to beautiful Sai Kong seaside in Hong Kong to interview Cheng Chiu Sifu, an inheritor of Chu Gar Southern Mantis. Cheng Sifu teaches Hakka Unicorn and Chu Gar Mantis at the Man Yee Wan Recreational Center. He has been featured on Hong Kong Televsion, newspapers and Leung Ting Video Productions (back in the day). Click the interview and video demonstration links below. Sgt. Kong and Dr. Ang are also both strong exponents of Wing Chun Boxing.

Newest Video Post - 9 Step Arrow - Only Southern Mantis Video File Sharing - Join Today and Upload!

Calcutta, India
The main form of the K.S. Hsuing System of Southern Praying Mantis

Our Calcutta, India Southern Mantis friends have recently posted their 9 Step Arrow form. It seems a bit eclectic and there isn't a historical record in Hong Kong or China that includes a 9 step form. However, it is a very interesting look at the evolution of martial art. Have a look on our new video file sharing site - send us your clip.    Click here for the video demonstration.

New Instructional Videos!   Advanced Two Man Forms

Prerequisite Volumes 1-10
Available Privately by Request
Download Only

  • Volume 1 - 9 Fundamentals: The Most Important
  • Volume 10 Chi Sao Sticky Hands and Passoffs

    All 8 two man forms must be trained as one continuous set on both A - B sides.

  • Volume 11: Loose Hands One
  • Volume 12: Som Bo Gin
  • Volume 13: Second Loose Hands
  • Volume 14: 108 Subset
  • Volume 15: Um Hon One
  • Volume 16: Um Hon Two
  • Volume 17: Mui Fa Plum Flower
  • Volume 18: Eighteen Buddha Hands

    If you have trained diligently Volumes 1 - 10, then you may email me, RDH, to request further advanced two man training forms.

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    Up and Down

    If the opponent is tall, I seem taller. If the opponent is small, I seem smaller.

    Elder Lai Wai Keung Sifu  - Pingshan, China

    Forward and Back

    Advancing to me he finds the distance long. Retreating he finds the distance exasperatingly short.

    Elder Lai Wai Keung Sifu  - Pingshan, China

    Empty and Full

    Applying pressure he finds emptiness. Issuing force he cannot escape.

    Elder Lai Wai Keung Sifu  - Pingshan, China

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