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China Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu Survey™


Thank you so much for making this available to us... this is the sort of thing I've been looking for since I started....I just tried my password and all seems to be working great.  Thank you again...

    ...I’ve seen these films.  I’m also a collector of martial arts videos and can honestly say the instructional format on this Southern Mantis Basic Instructional Series
    is the best I’ve ever seen. You can learn from these tapes...

Thank You for your commitment to keeping all of us here in the United States updated on China Mantis.  I have received my e-
book, and I am very pleased with it!!  Please tell Mr. Hagood for me, that I am very interested in obtaining his survey on video or DVD...

    ...The clarity and camera angles are above average. Lighting and sound is equally adequate. The kungfu is easily seen as expert. The teaching format is first class. 
    Definitely, this is the best instructional series I’ve seen - watch it in progression...

Very good work, many people including chinese practising southern praying mantis would find this are very fortunate to gain acess to this SPM world, unfortunately, it is still very traditional (here) in south east asia, (and) because of secrecy many sifu die with the art, this is traditionally a hakka art, not taught to other dialects, let alone westerners, kwong sai jook lum in the us is being taught to non chinese but here in singapore it is only taught to hakka students...

    ...1997, Sifu Hagood, himself, presents in clear concise detail full explanations of each skill and then students demonstrate step by step the foundation and
    fundamental skills. Thank you Sifu Hagood for raising my understanding of traditional kungfu not only southern mantis...

Simply: I think it's great. The combination of travelogue, history, geographical points of interest and support media (photos, videos) makes this lots of fun to navigate through.  I don't know that I've gotten through the entire survey as yet, simply because I like to skip around in it, but I certainly feel that I have a good document that I can continue to refer to and enjoy, and look forward to any updates as they may come...

    ...Without a doubt the large amount of fine Kung Fu skills taught on these (videos) are extremely valuable for anyone with the desire to develop themselves into a
    traditional martialist!   Over the last decade I have been involved in, and researched, numerous martial arts and I can honestly say the skills, principles and teaching progression of this series helped me grow and understand more about martial art!   Sifu Hagood's willingness to pass on what he has learned over the decades is something that should not be passed up...

The e-book is great! I can see all the hours (years) that went into it...

The ebook is incredible and a true testament to your dedication to south mantis and bringing out the truth as well as document the old masters before they pass to the next level of reality...

...I also want to add that I think its a great thing you did and are doing, by putting in all this time and effort to keep the history and traditions of SPM alive.  In an art where so many people are so "secretive", its nice to see someone putting such interesting info out there for us other SPM practitioners...

...I must be honest, at first when I saw the "sample' e-books, I was a little skeptical. Then I heard a friend say that he really liked it and said it was worth the money.  So I went on his word a purchased it, and I must say I am very impressed, and pleased with the e-book. I have only read about 25% of it, but I am enjoying every bit!!  I really like all the history you give on all the different styles, and their current status in China.  I can't wait to finish!  GREAT JOB!...

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