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A few of this website's clips in one place for your Kwongsai Mantis pleasure! 
Test your mantis - can you name each skill?

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Footwork is Fundamental! 18 Lohan Basic Hand Skills Sticky Hands Five Star Sticky Hands 5 Sticky Hands Four Sticky Hands Three Sticky Hands Two Sticky Hands One Bao Ping Ma Bot Hop Shu Three Star Hook Hands Jet, Bao, Bil Jee Bao, Bil Jung Shu Uppercut Two Man uppercuts 10 Elbow Stokes Han Shu Lop Shu Passoff Hammer Fist Mor Sao Grinding Hand First Loose Hands Two Man Set Som Bo Gin Two Man Set First Um Hon Two Man Set Footwork in South Mantis

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Choc Shu

Looking into the Mirror - Late Sibok Harry Sun

Late Sibok Harry Sun

Phoenix Eye

The phoenix fist is very supple in any direction.

Late Sibok Harry Sun

Jet Choi

Fist to face - visible fists strike invisible blows

Late Sibok Harry Sun

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