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China Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu Survey

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Description: Join the 1989 Cheng Wan Chu Gar Mantis Celebration in Hong Kong! Cheng Sifu was the inheritor of Chu Gar descended from Lao Sui. Complete boxing sets. Two man weapons sets. A one of a kind old style traditional kungfu celebration that you'll never be invited to otherwise. Excellent Southern Mantis boxing. A Must for your Library. 15 Minutes approx. Get your copy now!
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Preview Volume 1005

Cheng Wan Chu Gar Mantis Celebration

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MantisFlix 1005!  Join Cheng Wan Sifu's Chu Gar!       MantisFlix 1005!  Join Cheng Wan Sifu's Chu Gar!

MantisFlix 1005!  Join Cheng Wan Sifu's Chu Gar!

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18 Fists, Points, Changes

Lohan - 18 hands, 18 points, 18 changes - Offensive / Defensive - Mor sao, the Grinding Hand, is the mother of Hakka Mantis hands - like a wet blanket thown over one - mor sao blankets and covers the opponent with a feeling hand. Correct stance is the father of Hakka Mantis.

Given and Forbidden

A Henan Shaolin saying, ""There are eight parts that may and eight parts that may not be attacked." The eight parts of the body it is allowed to attack are those that overcome the foe without causing fatal injury; the eight prohibited parts are vital organs. All routines, therefore, subdue an opponent, but only a few mortally wound him."

108 Vital Strikes

Variations in locating the points also exist. Using the distance of one's finger width, each spot may be located. Some say from the head to the toe about every one inch contains a large spot and every 10th of an inch a small spot. Chinese kungfu usually at the deepest level, speaks of these 36 large spots and 72 small spots ---108.

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