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China Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu Survey

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Description: "Gow Choy Hammer Fist / Internal Strength"
ProductID: SPM08
Price: 39.99

Volume Eight:
Gow Choy; Hammer Fist / Internal Strengthening

Continuing from volume seven you now learn the two man internal strengthening methods of four corners; reverse push/pull; 2nd hand/power out; 2nd power in; 2nd power in/out; 3rd power ging inside; 3rd power ging outside; 3rd power ging inside/outside; 4 corners high, middle, low, and holding the center left and right. Four corner hammer fist (gow choy) is now trained over, under, outside, inside and sticky elbow gow choy. Hammer fist is one of the important tools of southern mantis.  SPM08 $39.98 (60 minutes)

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Bao Zhang - Shielding

Bao Zhang - Palm Cover and Strike

Cover and safeguard with the forearms and strike with palms.

Bao Zhang Palm Strike

Bao Zhang - Palm Cover and Strike

Cover, bind, protect, defend, shield and palm strike. Sometimes preceded by fingertip strikes and then palms. Against soft targets use fists. Hard targets strike with palms.

Pai Shu - Knife Edge

Striking with the knife edge of the hand

Buddha hand - knife edge strikes used against arteries and hollow cavities.

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