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China Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu Survey

Description: "Centerline Sticky Hand Training"
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Volume Five: 
Centerline Sticky Hand Training

Continuing from volume four, you now put together the basic target practice of single, double and triple striking with the basic centerline defense skills, mor shu, gwak shu, and choc shu to train offensive and defensive “chi sao” or sticky hand. First, 4 count sticky hand teaches the ability not to blink when being hit using mor, gwak and choc (foun) shu; next, 2 count sticky hand mor, gwak, foun teaches to defend and attack sticking with the opponent in movement using both inside and outside the gate, and double bridge. This training culminates in the fundamental sticky hand set one.  SPM05 $39.98 (90 minutes)

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Pak - Slap Hand

Pak Shu:  Slap with Ging force

A palm deflection with spring power also used as a strike to any joint particularly the elbows.

Lop - Grabbing Hand

Lop Sao:  Multiple Grabbing Hand

Multiple methods of grasping with the mantis claws, upper, mid, lower, inside, outside.

Gop - Clasping

Gop Sao:  Clasping or Capturing Hand

Single or double bridge - closing the forearms in a clasp or vice and short power strikes.

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