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China Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu Survey

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Description: "One, Three & Nine Step Attack / Defense"
ProductID: SPM04
Price: 39.99

Volume Four:
One, Three & Nine Step Attack / Defense

Continuing partner training from volume three one now learns target practice to attack the chin and solar plexus as the mor shu, gwak shu, and foun shu defensive hands are used to control the centerline. One step, three step, and nine step partner training teaches single, double and triple punching with defensive hands and fundamental stepping. Attacking (and defense) is taught one step-one strike and one step-three strikes target practice.  SPM04 $39.98 (60 minutes)

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Sai - Roller Hand

Sai Shu:  The Roller  Hand

A twisting forearm deflection similar to Bong Sao in Wing Chun except also used as a strike to the solar plexus or navel.

Sic - Eating Hand

Sic Sao:  The Eating Hand

Pulls the incoming force toward the centerline palm up as if taking food to the mouth. One hand used to pluck the eyes.

Jik - Slicing

Jik Sao:  Slicing Hand

Slices directly over or under the incoming force deflecting and attacking simultaneously.

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