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China Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu Survey

Description: "Footwork In Southern Praying Mantis"
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Volume Nine: 
Footwork in Southern Praying Mantis

This informational film, in addition to displaying footage of the Jook Lum Temple in Hong Kong has graphic illustrations of the principles of southern mantis and documents more than twenty footwork patterns including: opening the horse stance, shuffle step, turnarounds, chop step, circle step, advance step, two man stepping, half steps, four corner steps, 180 degree lateral spins, two steps forward, side to side stepping, whole body ging power, short steps, diagonal stepping, sweeps, leg deflections, three steps forward, monkey stepping and more. An overview of principles, stance, posture and stepping. Demonstrations of sticky hands and two man sets.  SPM09 $39.98 (30 minutes)

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Bil Jee - Finger Strikes

Bil Jee - Exploding Fingers

Grab, poke, rake, slice, chop and flicking actions with exploding fingers. Important tactics of Hakka Mantis.

Ping (Fic) Shu

Strikes with back of the hands and flicking fingers to soft targets

Strikes with the back of the hands and flicking fingers to soft targets; eyes, inside biceps, neck, abdomen.

Jung Shu - Uppercut

Uppercuts with fingers, phoenix fist, dragon fist

Uppercuts with fingers, phoenix fist, dragon fist.

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