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Description: Hong Kong 1954 B/W Classic Movie Exclusive! This "Wong Fei Hong and the Jook Lum Temple" movie producer was Zheng Guang Hai, who was a student of Wong Yook Gong's Kwongsai Mantis in Pingshan Town. Although, the movie calls and shows the banners of Kwongsai Mantis, the actors were Chu Gar. The film features Kwan Tak Hing and Shek Kin! 57,000 plus clip previews on Youtube. 63 Minutes. Get your full copy now!
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1954 Classic Southern Mantis Movie

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MantisFlix 1001!  Wong Fei Hong and Jook Lum Temple Classic!      MantisFlix 1001!  Wong Fei Hong and Jook Lum Temple Classic!

MantisFlix 1001!  Wong Fei Hong and Jook Lum Temple Classic!

Rare and Collectible Video of China's Hakka Mantis!
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Superior Art - One

Superior martial art must first be guided by relentless intent - eye to eye, hand to hand, driving forward into the center of the opponents being. Strike with the soul.

Superior Art - Two

Second, a superior skill must have segmented feeling power which can produce whole body force, that is, any part of the body can yield independently to the opponents incoming force creating an unstable center and opening and then discharge a focused single deadly strike with power issuing from the feet, up the legs, back, arms, and fingers into a weak vital point of the opponent such as the eyes, throat, or solar plexus.

Superior Art - Three

Third, a skillful art must be based on changes of the hand, since the hand (arm) is the quickest and most convenient weapon (just watch any real fight).

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