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China Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu Survey

Description: "Sai Shu, Sik Shu, Jik (Chun) Shu"
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Volume Seven:
Sai Shu, Sik Shu, Jik (Chun) Shu

Following volume six you learn to further attack and defend the centerline with more of the eighteen basic skills: Sai Shu, the roller arm (jik-sai; sai-gao; sai-pai); Sik Shu, the eating hand (sik-pai); and Jik Shu straight strike (the most efficient mantis hand; upper-lower; same side-opposite side) . Also taught is the application of chop and circle step; walking the horse akimbo, two man horse stepping; and opposite punch and kicking.  SPM07 $39.98 (60 minutes)

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Jet Shu - Straight Strike

Straight fist may come from any angle

Straight phoenix eye punch chambered from the heart.

Phoenix Eye Fist

Phoenix Eye Straight Fist Strike

Forearms and elbows protect the centerline. Open and close the ribcage.

Mid Angle Straight Strike

Mid Angle Straight Strike

Straight fist may come from any angle as in 108. Forearms and elbows protect the centerline.

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