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China Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu Survey

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Description: "Same Hand / Opposite Hand Attacks"
ProductID: SPM06
Price: 39.99

Volume Six: 
Same Hand / Opposite Hand Attacks

Continuing from volume five, one next practices loosening the 3 hands of the mantis arm with “second and third power circling;” then the 10 elbow strokes are taught to shorten the in-fighting; next after having trained in the previous volumes single defense and offense, one now learns to defend and attack with the same hand in one motion, fixed and stepping; followed by simultaneous centerline defense (mor, gwak, foun) and attack with the opposite hand both static and stepping. Turning power and speed of the basic centerline skills is then further refined by the 3 star hooking hands exercise.  SPM06 $39.99 (60 minutes)

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Jet Shu - Straight Strike

Straight fist may come from any angle

Straight phoenix eye punch chambered from the heart.

Low Side Straight Strike

Low Side  - Straight Strike as in 108

Straight fist may come from any angle as in 108. Open and close the ribcage.

Mid Angle Straight Strike

Mid Angle Straight Strike

Forearms and elbows protect the centerline. The torso acts as an exoskeleton.

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