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Youtube Daily Mantis Feed!  (Beta Version)

Service Discontinued

At Google's notice, we have discontinued our free service "YOUTUBE DAILY FEED". This was an automatic script that displayed only SOUTHERN MANTIS videos from Youtube. The primary problem was that Youtube has videos that are infected with malware and viruses and Google's search bots are picking those up too and displaying them to those using our free service. Not healthy for you, the viewer, or our website. Better safe than sorry.

Effective 1/25/14 this service is discontinued. You can search for Southern Mantis and visit our Youtube Channel

You may already know that Youtube is not available in China. And therefore, at this time, our Youtube Channel is limited.

It is easy to see that Hakka Mantis is gaining popularity by the number of new videos posted on youtube regularly. However, caution is urged - not everything that glitters is gold - remember the three principles: feet heel to toe and slightly more than shoulder width; hands stick, feel, and turn; strike (da / dim mak) target practice.

Without these principles your Hakka Mantis will be empty: the feet will not be rooted, you will not be able to stick, turn and use the opponents force, and striking will not be taking advantage of the opponents weakest links.

Web Stats indicate Hakka Mantis is growing!

Last month 685,000 hits and 561,000 page views! This site alone had 6.35 million hits and 5.12 million page views, in 2013!

Happy 2014!

It is 24/7 fireworks, shops closed, children out of school one month, mass migrations of hundreds of millions of folks returning to their old homesteads - a celebratory time - the chief Chinese holiday until around 2/15! Happy New Year of the Horse!

Click and read my article about "The Meaning of Chinese New Year"

Guangdong, China


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Forget Yourself

Follow yourself and you are clumsy and listen to the opponent's drum beat. "Hakka Chu Gar Cheng Wan Mantis Association - Late Sifu Cheng Wan"

Hakka Chu Gar Mantis - Late Sifu Cheng Wan

Sound Your Drum

Follow the opponent and forget yourself and the opponent will dance to the sound of your drum. "Hakka Chu Gar Mantis - Late Sifu Cheng Wan"

Hakka Chu Gar Mantis - Late Sifu Cheng Wan

Without Mistake

Give yourself up to follow others and your hand will accurately weigh their force and your feet will measure the distance of their approach without mistake.

Hakka Chu Gar Mantis - Late Sifu Cheng Wan

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