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China Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu Survey™

Roger D. Hagood

A Few of My International Newsstand Published Magazines, San Francisco 1992:

RDH - Founder Pacific Rim Publishing, Inc.

A Few of My International Newsstand Published Magazines, Beijing, China 1989:

RDH - Founder China Direct Publishing, Inc.

A Few of My International Video Productions, 1985 -1997:

The Oriental Secrets Series

Oriental Secrets Series - DVD and eBooks!


  • 1956 RDH US

  • 1967 Began Martial Arts Training

  • 1974 Senior Class President, MCHS

  • 1975 Hawaiin Surfer - Aloha from the Big Island!

  • 1976_79 US Army Commendation Medal for Meritorious Service (Korea)

  • 1974_81 AL State Junior College, University of AL, Austin Peay State University, University of MN
    RDH - Tien Tao Correspondence Program 11 Months
  • 1983 Author and Publisher of Tien Tao Chi Kung Correspondence Program (47 countries)

  • 1984 Actor, Taiwan Television, Taiwan Airlines

  • 1985_87 Contributing Editor to Inside Kungfu, Internal Arts, Karate International, Karate Illustrated magazines

  • 1988_89 Author and Publisher of the books, "Tien Tao Taoism, Yi Gin Ging, 36 Liangong Exercises"

  • 1990 Publisher of (Beijing) Martial Arts of China Magazine, Grandmasters Magazine, Chi Kung Magazine (80,000 Copies Monthly, 15 countries)

  • 1991 Distributor China National Kungfu Survey on Videotape (Beijing)

  • 1992 Founder of Pacific Rim Publishing, Kungfu Magazine, Qigong Magazine, Masters Magazine, Dojo Magazine

  • 1993 Co-Founder of TC Media, Dojang MagazineRDH - Tien Tao Philosophy

  • 1995 Working Chairman of the Bamboo Temple Chinese Benevolent Association

  • 1997 Free and Accepted Master Mason, 32 Degree, Rising Sun Lodge

  • 1997 Producer and Publisher of the Kwongsai Southern Mantis Video Correspondence Program (11 countries)

  • 1999_01 Producer and Director of the Oriental Secrets Video Series; Goldhil Home Media International

  • 2002 Standing Chairman Cheng Wan Chu Gar Mantis Association, Hong Kong

  • 2002_07 Author and Publisher of the China Southern Mantis Survey
    in eBook and Video

  • 2007_08  Website and eBook Designer, Editor; 

  • 2009_2010  MantisFlix Productions   Video eBooks

  • 2011_2012  Southern Mantis Press   Hardcover Books and New Media

There are some other writings, gladly received by others, but Bio omitted, such as, Qigong Bimonthly Newsletter, MAC Journal, Secret Kungfu Societies,
USA National Martial Arts Directory, etc.

From 1967-1983 my main martial art teachers with whom considerable time was spent in the USA and Asia were:

Mr. Millard Shelton - Kodakan Judo
Mr. Marks JK Auwue - Kenpo
Mr. Chin Pin Chung - Tai Chi Chuan
Mr. Chi Kuan Wen - Tai Chi Chuan
Mr. Chang Ting Kao - Hsing I Chuan
Mr. Pak Chi Moon - Mei Hua Northern Mantis
Mr. Ngan Hung - White Eyebrow
Mr. Lo Man Kam - Wing Chun
Mr. Kao Dao Sung - North Mantis
Mr. Cheng Yi Han - Taoist Nei Kung
Mr. Yu Ming Shun - Buddhist Qigong
Mr. Tu Chin Sun - Mi Tsung Nei Kung
Mr. Lee De Lin - Tibetan Nei Kung
Mr. James Lee - Tien Zan Men Qigong
Mr. Zhang Shou XIang - Kong Jing Qigong

Although, I have trained with several other teachers, such as Mr. Chan Poi, North Mantis; Mr. Zhao Hua, Combat Bagua, Mr. Fang Li, applied qigong, and Liang Shou Yu, the time spent with each of these Masters was less than considerable.

I began training Southern Mantis circa 1978 and by 1983, I had discarded all other training in favor of Southern Praying Mantis.  Although, I have been in China the last 9 years continuously (as of 2010), I continue to pay respect and maintain a lively relationship with my mentors from the late Grandmaster Lam Sang's Pai.  I try to call every few months to the USA.  For the tree to blossom, one must nourish the roots.

I became a pupil by ceremony of:
Master Gin Foon Mark, Kwongsai Mantis circa 1980,
the late Master Chen Ching Hong, Chu Gar Mantis circa 1989
And the late Cheng Wan Sifu, Chu Gar Mantis, Hong Kong circa 2008. 

In 2002, Cheng Sifu appointed me Standing Chairman of the Hong Kong Chu Gar Mantis Association.  When he passed, he not only left me with Chu Gar mantis charged with the Shrine, he left me some 200 hours of video going back to 1950! 

From 1978, I haved trained Southern Mantis under: 

Mr. Louie Jack Man
Mr. Gin Foon Mark
Mr. Henry Wong
Mr. Harry Sun
Mr. Jesse Eng
Mr. Wong Baklim
Mr. Choy Gam Man - Chow Gar Mantis
Mr. Chen Ching Hong - Chu Gar Mantis
Mr. Cheng Wan - Chu Gar Mantis

And exchanged 'first hand' experience with numerous (dozens of) Masters, in China and Hong Kong, who appear in the China Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu Survey™, all to whom I am grateful.

Aloha Brothers and Happy Reading!   Mahalo!

Roger D. Hagood
Pingshan Town
Guangdong, China 

2002 Appointed Standing Chairman
Hong Kong Chu Gar Tanglang Cheng Wan Martial Art Association

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